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Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
Dunce cap and nettles being used by C. of Sweden

C. of Sweden is a contemporary Swedish spanking artist who works almost exclusively in the M/m and M/M genres. His artworks in b/w and color pencil technique include pictures of historical spanking (especially birching) scenes (all kinds of male-male disciplining practices, e.g. military, school, judicial, domestic etc.).

The artist's signature is the letter “C” (sometimes in a frame in the bottom right corner of the picture). The earliest pictures of the master appeared in the 1960s. Works of C. of Sweden were published in leading M/M spanking magazines - Woodshed (now defunct) and Red Tails. C. of Sweden did, for example, the cover artwork of Red Tails Vol. 22 (December 1995).

Very different painting styles in artworks that are signed "C." probably tell about other artists who are working under this brand name.