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Two panels from "Buster Brown plays a prank on the ash man" (1903).
A panel from "Buster Brown. He cheats himself out of a party." (1903).

Buster Brown is a U.S. comic strip created in 1902 by Richard Felton Outcault, and the name of the comic's protagonist, a mischievous young boy who gets regularly spanked for his pranks by his mother, Ma.

The Buster Brown strips are famous examples of F/m spanking in vintage comic strips. Buster lives in an affluent, privileged household, but under the strict discipline of the 1900s.

Other characters are Buster's sister Mary Jane and his dog Tige. Tige is thought to be the first talking pet to appear in American comics, and, like that of many of his successors, his speech goes unnoticed by adults.

The comic strip began in the New York Herald on May 4, 1902. Outcault left for William Randolph Hearst's employ in 1906, and after a court battle, Outcault continued his strip, now nameless, in Hearst papers, while the Herald continued their own version of Buster Brown with other artists. The latter lasted until 1911 or so, and the former until at least 1921.

Example strips[edit]

Buster puts on girl's clothes (October 04, 1903):

Buster Brown girls clothes - color.JPG

Buster et le petit éléphant: (in French)

Buster et le petit éléphant 2.jpg

Buster éteint la lampe de M. Collins: (in French)

Buster éteint la lampe de M. Collins 2.jpg

Un tour de Buster qui finit mal: (in French)

Un tour de Buster qui finit mal 2.jpg

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