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Bun Beating Fun is a U.S. spanking video producer located in Philadelphia, PA. Bun Beating Fun is also the producer's pay site. As of 2011, membership to the site costs $28.95 per month.

The company is owned and operated by Greg Edwards (through parent company Red Hot Video Productions). In addition to running the website, Edwards also performs on camera as a fictional glamour photographer who invariably becomes exasperated with, and then resorts to spanking, his poorly behaved female models.

As of 2021, the main website no longer exists. The company's catalog of videos is currently being distributed by NaughtyBottom.com (website).

Style and content[edit]

Bun Beating Fun produces M/F spanking videos with a disciplinary theme centered around real-life glamour models, adult industry models, porn stars and feature dancers who portray fictionalized versions of themselves. The same scenario is acted out in virtually every video. A model shows up at a hotel room for a photoshoot and behaves in a bratty or difficult manner. The photographer (we never see his face) then angrily pulls her over his lap for a lengthy spanking while she cries, complains, and begs him to stop. The model is thoroughly humiliated and sometimes has to stand against the wall or assume some other position at the end.

The emphasis here is on severe and lengthy over-the-knee bare bottom spankings usually administered by hand, but occasionally including the use of a paddle.

Most, but not all, of the female performers have never previously been spanked on camera (or, in a great many cases, ever at all). This, no doubt, accounts for their sometimes frenzied reactions.

The site's better-known performers include:

  • Porn Stars - Kelly Divine, Veronika Raquel, Hollie Stevens, April Flowers, Shayne Ryder, and Aaralyn Barra
  • Feature Dancers - Kelley Jean, Tangerine Dream
  • Fetish Models - Chanta Rose, Galas Loonar, Julie Simone, Emily Camille, Sasha Sparks, and Kordelia Devonshire.

Reality Spanking Videos[edit]

The site's Mission Statement page explains that; although the female performers play thinly veiled fictional versions of themselves, they are encouraged to act as genuine as possible throughout the opening scenes and to then simply react, not act, during the course of the actual spanking. The Mission Statement page goes on to infer that the intent is to make it all as real as humanly possible.


This site has been criticized by some, both in and out of the industry, for everything from blurring the lines between consensual and non-consensual (i.e. "ambush spankings"), interjecting "inappropriate humor" into the proceedings, and outright misogyny.

The site owner, meanwhile, maintains that "it's all in good fun" and both David Pierson's interview with Penthouse model Kristalee and the Spanking Spot's interview with model Sasha Sparks would seem to confirm as much.

Video clips on the Internet[edit]

  • Ashley Graham (2012), video
  • Ariel Adore (2013), hairbrush, video
  • Bella Doll (2008), video
  • Brianna Beauty (video)  Warning: 18+
  • Candy (video)
  • Caprice, a French Porn Star (video)  Warning: 18+
  • Crystal Clark (2015), video
  • Heather Monroe (video)  Warning: 18+
  • Jamie Lynn (2015), video
  • Juliann Wells (video)  Warning: 18+
  • Laptop Mayhem (2010), ear pulling, video  Warning: 18+
  • Mandy (video)  Warning: 18+
  • Nikki Brooks & Vanessa Vixxon (video)
  • Red-Assed Lap Dancing 21: Gia (video)
  • Tempting Eve (video)  Warning: 18+