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Brooks Applications, also known as Hot Spankings, was a spanking company based in Rancho Santa Fe, California that produced spanking movies on video and DVD from the early '90s until 2009. The company was created by former actress Jennifer Brooks who started out as a performer in corporal punishment videos for Nu-West/Leda Productions.

Roughly half of Brooks' titles are male-submissive (Femdom); the rest are a combination of male-spanks-female (M/F) and all-female (F/F) stories. The company was also a U.S. distributor of numerous British videos produced by Top Marks such as The Headmaster's Office, English Schoolgirl Punishment, and the Miss Morgan series (Miss Morgan's Lesson, Miss Morgan's Mark, et al.). English disciplinarian Belinda Clark also did some particularly hard-hitting videos for Brooks including Severe Schoolgirl Discipline and She's Caught in the Act.

Brooks Applications went out of business and shut down its website on March 31, 2009.

List of released movies[edit]

Videos of Women Spanking Men (F/M)[edit]

Preview Tapes - Women Spanking Men (F/M)[edit]

Videos of Men Spanking Women (M/F)[edit]

Preview Tapes - Men Spanking Women (M/F)[edit]

Videos of Women Spanking Women (F/F)[edit]

Preview Tapes - Women Spanking Women (F/F)[edit]

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