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Brandi (born c. 1983) is a spanking actress and model performing mostly as a spankee in videos available on the website Spanking Teen Brandi and several other related sites owned by producer These include RealSpankings Institute, Spanking Teen Jessica, RealStrappings, and OTK-Spankings. She's been highly active as a nude model and spanking video performer since the age of 18 in 2001.

Brandi is a petite, olive-skinned brunette with child-like features. Despite turning 37 in 2020, she continues to play girlish characters such as uniformed schoolgirls and cheerleaders in most of her videos. She is, of course, 18+ years in all photos and videos.

She has appeared in dozens of videos as a spankee opposite popular RealSpankings stars "teen" Jessica, Bailey, and Kailee (a frequent spanker as well as spankee). Roughly half of her titles involve domestic at-home or dormitory punishment scenarios (with a mother, father, aunt, or house mistress authority figure). The rest are mainly school-based discipline stories where she plays a misbehaving student who is punished in a classroom or office by a teacher, coach, or principal. In a few titles she has taken on the role of punishing disciplinarian.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Belt & Lexan Paddle (Spanking Teen Brandi), lexan, photos
  • Bikini Spanking (Spanking Teen Brandi, 2017), bikini, photos
  • Birthday Spanking (Spanking Teen Brandi, 2016)
  • Bondage Spanking (Spanking Teen Brandi)
  • Brandi: Bent Over and Spanked Hard (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee, photos
  • Brandi is Bent Over for a Strapping (RealStrappings), photos
  • Brandi & Jessica Ditch School (Spanking Teen Brandi), truancy scenario.
  • Brandi and Kailee Spanked (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee
  • Brandi and Kailee Paddled at School (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee
  • Brandi and Kailee's Experience with Spanking (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee
  • Brandi Is Caught Smoking (Spanking Teen Brandi), smoking
  • Brandi Is Punished in Her Dorm Room (, Kailee
  • Brandi Is Sent Home for Not Wearing Panties (Spanking Teen Brandi), dress code punishment
  • Brandi Is Spanked for Her Sassy Mouth (Spanking Teen Brandi), backtalk
  • Brandi Is Spanked For Her Short Skirt (Spanking Teen Brandi)
  • Brandi is Spanked For Snooping (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee
  • Brandi Is Spanked For Swearing (OTK-Spankings), cursing punishment, photos
  • Brandi is Strapped for Her Disobedience (Spanking Teen Brandi), grounding story, photos
  • Brandi Is Taken OTK and Spanked (Spanking Teen Brandi)
  • Brandi: Spanked for Oversleeping
  • Brandi Spanked While Kailee Watches (Spanking Teen Brandi), curfew tale
  • Brandi: Strapped for Bad Grades (RealStrappings), bad grades, photos
  • Brandi Strapped for Her Attire (Spanking Teen Brandi), dress code violation.
  • Brandi Tells A Lie (Spanking Teen Brandi), lying punishment, photos
  • Brandi's Cheerleading Strapping (RealStrappings), demerit, photos
  • Brandi's Ditch Day (Spanking Teen Brandi)
  • Brandi's Dorm Room Strapping (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee, cheating, photos
  • Brandi's Dungeon Punishment (Spanking Teen Brandi), blindfold, photos
  • Brandi's Dungeon Punishment 2 (Spanking Teen Brandi), photos
  • Brandi's Hand and Leather Paddle Spanking (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee
  • Brandi's Late For Curfew Spanking (Spanking Teen Brandi), photos
  • Brandi's Missing Progress Report (Spanking Teen Brandi, 2020), report card
  • Brandi's Nude Punishment (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee, photos
  • Brandi's Room Inspection (RealSpankings Institute)
  • Brandi's Ruler Spanking for Disruption (RealSpankings Institute)
  • Brandi's School Punishment (, Kailee, ruler, photos
  • Brandi's Self Spanking (Spanking Teen Brandi), photos
  • Jessica and Brandi - School Swats (, 2003), Jessica
  • Jessica and Brandi Caught Smoking (, Jessica, smoking, photos
  • Hand Paddling For Slacking Off (Spanking Teen Brandi), laziness theme.
  • Hard Strapping for Misbehaving (RealStrappings), Kailee
  • Kailee & Brandi Caught Skipping School (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee
  • Kailee Straps Brandi (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee
  • Late For Shoot (Spanking Teen Brandi)
  • Mr. King Spanks Brandi for Coming in Late (Spanking Teen Brandi)
  • Ms. Burns Catches Brandi At Home (Spanking Teen Brandi), truancy tale
  • Naked Twister (Spanking Teen Jessica, 2002), Jessica, spanking game, photos
  • Punished with Teen Jessica (Spanking Teen Brandi), Jessica
  • Real Discipline: Brandi (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee, lexan paddle, photos
  • School Caning (Spanking Teen Brandi), detention, photos
  • School Paddling For Inappropriate Behavior (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee, photos
  • Smoking & Drinking (Spanking Teen Brandi), smoking, alcohol
  • Spanked by Uncle Steve for Coming in Late (Spanking Teen Brandi), Jessica, curfew scenario.
  • Spanked for Being Late (Spanking Teen Brandi)
  • Spanked for Coming Home Past Curfew, Part 1 & 2 (Spanking Teen Brandi, 2015), photo
  • Spanked for Laziness (Spanking Teen Brandi)
  • Spanked with a Ruler (Spanking Teen Brandi)
  • Spanked with my Flip Flops (Spanking Teen Brandi), photos
  • Spelling Bee Thigh Spank (Spanking Teen Brandi)
  • Strapped by Coach Daniels (Spanking Teen Brandi), demerit, coach, photos
  • Strapped for a Bad Report Card (Spanking Teen Brandi), report card
  • Strapped for Fighting At School (Spanking Teen Brandi, 2019), fighting
  • Strapped With Jessica (Spanking Teen Jessica), curfew story.
  • Study Hall Punishment (Spanking Teen Brandi), detention, photos
  • Voyeur Spanking (Spanking Teen Brandi, 2009), Jessica, voyeur, photos
  • Writing Lines (Spanking Teen Brandi), classroom writing lines punishment.