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Bound and Gagged (Bound & Gagged, B&G) was an American gay men's adult magazine that specialized in M/M bondage. Roughly 10% of their issues also included the topic of spanking (see spanking magazine).

The bimonthly magazine ran from issue #1 in November 1987 until issue #106 in May/June 2005.[1] The termination of the magazine followed the death of the magazine's editor Robert W. Davolt.[2] For a while, the company owner, publisher and editor Bob Wingate (The Outbound Press, New York) continued to sell magazine copies from his stock through his personal blog site.

The bondage author David Stein wrote a column for this magazine.[3] Another author was Larry Townsend, whose stories were published in Bound & Gagged between 1993 and 1997.[4]


The company also produced M/M bondage videos under the same name (Bound and Gagged).

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