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M/M paddling and humiliation of an employee, artwork by Underling (2009).
Drawing by A. Canteau from the novel Petites employées (1930).

Boss/employee is a relationship between two people suitable for roleplayed or fictional scenarios involving dominance and power exchange between two adult characters.

The boss can be male or female; likewise the employee can be male or female, so all pairings are possible: M/F, F/M, M/M, F/F. The boss may be the employer or just a superior or supervisor.


The setting will typically be the place of employment. This can be for example an office (the stereotype being boss and secretary) but can also be any other workplace. It can also be a domestic setting, e.g. the case of a house owner and their employee, e.g. a servant, houseboy or maid.

The boss's authority and the employee's submissive status can be exaggerated up to the point where things such as corporal punishment or humiliation for poor work, disobedience or disrespect become plausible. Boss/employee scenes are one way to establish a power and status difference among adult players without having to go anywhere as far as a master/slave relationship, and without the need for ageplay.

From a legal point of view, in practically all countries worldwide bosses or employers are no longer permitted to subject their subordinates to corporal punishment or degrading humiliation. Therefore such scenes may either be set in the past, or an element of semi-consensuality might be introduced (e.g. the employee is given the choice of getting fired or either accepting a the punishment), full consensuality takes place (if the employee has masochistic leanings), or the unlawful nature of such an action is just accepted as part of the scene.

If desired, the power exchange may involve disciplinary as well as sexual activities.


The movie Secretary is an example of a mainstream movie where a real-life boss/employee relationship takes on a (fully consensual) M/F BDSM form.

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