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Bobbie Tawse, sometimes spelled Bobby, is a U.S. spanking actress who, in the 1990s, starred in many bondage and spanking videos by Harmony Concepts, Shadow Lane, London Enterprises, and Pacific Force. She has also done some audio tapes for Shadow Lane.

Her stage name comes from her favorite spanking implement, the leather tawse. Her specialty in many of her videos was roleplaying as a little girl who gets punished by an authority figure, sometimes while wearing children's pajamas. For example, in Burning Bottoms (Pacific Force) she plays a bratty adult who is forced to put on special drop-seat "punishment pajamas" before being severely spanked by Jacqueline Omerta. Age play discipline was also part of her personal life and had an influence on her post-acting career.

Bobbie's DropSeats[edit]

In the late '90s she retired from acting and started her own company, Bobbie's DropSeats, selling drop-seat pajamas and other fetish/ageplay clothing, much of which she designed herself. The company website also has an adults-only section in which M/F and F/F spanking videos (on DVD as well as pay-per-view streaming) are offered.

She works behind the scenes producing the videos while her husband appears on camera in many of the M/F themed stories. A number of videos feature her pajamas as many of the stories are centered around age play humiliation (adults treated like children or babies) that include diapering, pacifiers, enemas, rectal thermometers, and mouthsoaping.

Some of the better-known actresses who appear in her videos include Kailee, Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Stephanie Locke, Sierra Salem, Julie Simone, Sinn Sage, and Lena Ramone.

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