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Photo from a vintage French spanking series.

A blackboard (British English) or chalkboard (American English) is an rectangular writing surface, usually black or dark green, that is used in schools as a surface for writing and drawing with chalk. It is basically a big version of a writing slate. Blackboards are usually either mounted on a wall or placed vertically on an easel, much like a painting.

Since the introduction of whiteboards, which use dry-erase markers, many blackboards have been replaced; however, there are pros and cons for both methods.

In spanking art[edit]

Blackboards are frequently used props in spanking art, photos, and videos depicting school spanking scenes in a classroom setting. Early examples are the French aeiouy series and ZUT pour Madame series. See also School CP in erotic spanking art.

  • Blackboards are also used for 'writing lines' (covering the board with a single phrase or lesson learned) as a milder form of punishment.
  • The video Amber is Late to Study Hall (RealStrappings) demonstrates the humiliation of standing with one's nose touching the board before or after a caning or spanking (see photos).
  • Five Words (Well Smacked Seat, 2021), has an actress writing the opening credit (Girl NextDoor Productions) and "the end" title in chalk in addition to using the blackboard in the story (see link below).

Spanking videos[edit]

Spanked schoolgirl before blackboard (photo by Asa Jones, c. 2022).
  • A Lesson From Miss Evans (SIT Spanking), photos


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