Black Mask

From Spanking Art

Black Mask is an online artist-writer specializing in a number of genres including M/f spanking fiction. Amassing a considerable body of work between 1999 and 2004, he has published stories and illustrations in Janus magazine and numerous online sources under various pseudonyms. He has also created comic strips featuring corporal imagery, recalling the ‘classical’ era of comic book spanking.

Black Mask's stories are typically formulaic, divided into clearly defined sections for a length of between 2,000 and 5,000 words. Frequently taking the feminine perspective, his stories deal primarily with the emotions associated with impending spanking; fear, dread, anticipation, remorse and humiliation. Female protagonists are almost exclusively adolescents aged between 14 and 17, coming from middle-class Anglo-Saxon backgrounds and requiring regular OTK discipline. Punishment is generally administered by step-fathers, older boyfriends, male housemates and similar stock figures of patriarchal authority.

Aside from the scenarios outlined above, Black Mask has also dabbled in the Au Pair and Office Discipline genres, and explored sado-masochistic literature on at least one occasion. All of his fiction is non-consensual and involves long, intense corporal sequences described in explicit detail (usually well received, but leading, in some cases, to accusations of literary excess). A small number of stories feature female disciplinarians, usually relatives such as aunts or elder cousins, though these are in a minority.

The majority of his work is free of sexual references, favoring the 'pure' spanking genre in which justice is dispensed for exclusively disciplinary reasons. His style is strongly influenced by the classical spanking fiction of the mid-seventies, especially pictorial articles in popular magazines such as Post, Pix and People. His prime objective is to take the reader into the story and allow him/her to experience literally everything the heroine feels as the spanking is taking place.