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Bizarro Sex Loops is a long-running series (over 40 volumes so far) of vintage underground BDSM short films made from the 1950s to the late 1970s compiled by Something Weird Video.

Irving Klaw and Bettie Page[edit]

The earliest known non-pornographic S&M film-loops (5-10 minutes in length) were produced in the mid-1950s by New York photographer Irving Klaw. He cast pin-up icon Bettie Page and other scantily-clad women in dozens of 8mm and 16mm films. These silent featurettes depicted scenes of bondage, spanking, pony training, cat-fight wrestling, and other fetishes that were covertly sold at Klaw's Manhattan store and by mail order.

Bizarro Sex Loops - Volume 4 features Page and two other models in "Bondage Rough House Battle." Volume 20 has a few more Klaw films, including one with Page as a slave girl in a leopard-spot bikini who gets an OTK spanking from her irate mistress.

The 1960s & 1970s[edit]

Klaw stopped making film loops in 1957, but others followed in his footsteps. The next wave of films were crudely made but had nudity and more severe punishments that Klaw's films lacked. Silent underground bondage films continued through the '60s and '70s until the video revolution of the early '80s. These typically involve two women (very few have men) who argue or wrestle until one dominates the other and binds her with rope. Then the bound nude or half-naked submissive is spanked or whipped with various implements (hairbrush, paddles, floggers, etc.). Most do not have sex scenes or sexually-related content.

These are mostly filmed in a bedroom or livingroom with a single hand-held or tripod-mounted camera. Occasionally, scenes are shot in makeshift dungeon sets with more elaborate torment and bondage devices. The majority are in black-and-white with color film becoming more common by the mid-'70s. These film-loops are extremely low budget, often with grainy resolution, poor lighting, and over-exposed film. The production quality is closer to amateur home movies than the more controlled and stylish films made by Klaw, but they nonetheless have a certain gritty charm for vintage fetish film buffs.

In the late '70s companies such as House of Milan and Nu-West/Leda Productions also began by churning out crudely-made 8mm film loops before moving on to full-length features with sound shot on videotape in the mid-'80s.


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