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A leather belt.
A thick leather belt
The end of a leather belt

A belt is a flexible band, usually made of either leather or fabric, commonly with a buckle for fastening, worn around the waist.

Belts as spanking implements[edit]

Leather belts are often used as spanking implements. In this role, they function as a form of strap. Belts as spanking implements are often impromptu — an ordinary belt worn as an article of clothing (either the spanker's or the spankee's) can quickly and easily be made available as a spanking implement. Such a spanking is often called a belting.

Examplified spanking with a belt, administered on a female bare bottom.

Belts are longer than straps. For this reason they are usually doubled up for spanking. For example, a 34 inches (86 cm) belt produces a 17 inches (43 cm) implement when doubled up. The belt is stereotypically an implement used by men - such as fathers, boyfriends, or husbands.

Using a belt for spanking is noted for the unique sounds produced:

  1. the sound of removing the belt from the spanker's trousers
  2. the sound of the belt striking the spankee's buttocks, and
  3. the mild thud sound of the two halves of the belt slapping each other.

In a belt spanking (sometimes called a belting), sounds (2) and (3) are repeated in a mind-numbing series.

Some devotees use a well-worn, oiled belt with a sharp crease at the middle. The tip of such a belt becomes a flat, polished surface. Consensual spanking with a belt typically involves a warmup cycle wherein the spankee becomes adjusted to the strokes, followed by a more harsh cycle. Spankees receiving a spanking with a belt typically are not restrained.

Belts for bondage[edit]

Belts can also be used for bondage, albeit they are less suitable than straps for most bondage purposes, as they are too long and stiff to tie wrists or ankles well. They may be of some use when it comes to restraining the bottom by his/her waist (e.g. to a spanking bench or a tree). Woven belts are softer yet can be extremely strong. Fabric belts are softest and very versatile for bondage as they can be knotted and don't require any buckle.

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