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Belinda Ramirez is a Chicago native, now a college student, one of three original Depantsing Queens who first began the The Depantsing Queens website. Belinda and her closest girlfriends in high school were nicknamed as such because of what their critics said was their snobbish, unabashed, vigilante behavior of pulling down the pants (and sometimes the underwear, also) of boys who they perceived to have wronged them in some way, often in front of other girls to increase the boys' humiliation. Although she certainly has many friends and defenders (who argue the girls were simply defending themselves from unwanted sexual advances and harassment by male classmates), it can also be said that karma finally caught up with Belinda and her girlfriends in their senior year when several of their past victims distributed full frontal and rear nude photos of the girls (all then 18) both at school and on the internet.


A beautiful college coed of Puerto Rican descent, Belinda has shared her own narratives of humiliation and being spanked while growing up, at school, and for losing a baseball bet when she was 20. Her stories include reminiscing about her own spankings and humiliations (m/f), as well as the stripping and spankings of Becky Romero's brother Matt (f/m) and any other boy who crossed her.

Belinda has a renowned temper, a very profane mouth and is the only one of the three girls who has re-posted at least some of the nude photos taken of her at age 18 while she was showering and which were later circulated around her high school and on the internet, bringing her embarrassment and humiliation.

After having full-frontal nude photos of me posted online by several jerks at my high school in the fall of 2003 when I was 18 (they also passed them around school to further my humiliation), it's almost as if I feel now what's the difference if a few more perverts see them?
  — Belinda Ramirez[1]

Belinda is said to have a short fuse and her big mouth has occasionally brought her unwanted embarrassment. Her pride is sometimes even bigger than her mouth. She once dared someone to post her nude photos on the net. When he did, rather than her apologize, Belinda instead reposted her own nude photo on the net and dared anyone else to post them, saying she'd rather be humiliated than back down. She has since resigned herself to the fact that she'll always be naked on the net and has acknowledged that the nude photos of her in high school when she was 18 are in the public domain.[2]

During a fifth grade Christmas school play in which Belinda played a trumpeting angel suspended in mid-air, a stage equipment malfunction suddenly tore off one part of her harness and left her naked from the waist down for several minutes in front of hundreds of shocked and soon laughing schoolmates, parents and teachers. The then eleven-year old Belinda was so humiliated by the incident that she switched schools, unable to face those who had observed her nudity. It was at her new school where she met and became close friends of Libby Marr and Becky Romero.

Unfortunately for the bratty young girl, with a few months she found herself over her new teacher's lap, her panties half-lowered and being spanked in front of her whole class. Her mom added insult to injury when, after summoned to the school, took her daughter into an empty spare classroom, undressed Belinda from the waist down and spanked her bare bottom - all the while not realizing that 4th graders at recess were peering through the windows.[3]

A two-time honor roll student and top-notch athlete in high school, it has been said of Belinda by fellow classmates that she could have just as easily been the star of the school's baseball team instead of the softball team. Her all-time baseball heroes are Ernie Banks and Dottie Schroeder.

Her swing wasn't just used on the ball field, either. She allegedly used it to take down two gang-bangers in 2004 who pulled a knife on her when she confronted them one evening for smashing car windows on her street with baseball bats. Although partially stripped at knife point by them, she managed to wrestle away the knife of one of her assailants, picked up their bat and busted his kneecap and jaw. The other assailant was said to have suffered three broken ribs before the police got there.

Belinda can certainly be considered a size queen and is very much into small penis humiliation, often publicly embarrassing the boys she depantsed. Even in grade school, she and girlfriend Libby Marr would make fun of certain boys they despised, selecting them in order by their alleged penis size if they captained teams in P.E. class. It was not clear on how the girls acquired apparently accurate information about their classmates.

One of her targets is Bad Girl Spanker, who publicly humiliated Belinda by posting full-frontal nude photos of her online after she made a bold dare for him to do so. She also does not hesitate, either, to embarrass even those guys she considers friends, such as the boyfriend of Libby Marr and the younger brother of Becky Romero.

In the latter's case, Matt Romero was even stripped naked from the waist down one day after school by Belinda and several other girls for his having repeatedly tormented another girl about her weight. Once his underpants were removed and he was held totally exposed to about a half-dozen girls, Belinda taunted him by singing above him, "You've got an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, barely two-inch little pene ..."

Although they've since become platonic friends, Belinda will nonetheless still occasionally embarrass Matt in front of mutual friends, depantsing him, spanking him or embarrassing him about his diminutive manhood and his known pre-ejaculation problems, which on more than one occasion Belinda helped evidence by her own quick handiwork.

Self-esteem difficulties[edit]

Rumors had always abound in high school that Belinda stuffed her bra big-time, but no one could ever prove it. However, after her full-frontal nude pics made the rounds at her high school, it became obvious that Belinda was guilty of major bust-fraud, so to speak. As star shortshop of her high school's softball team, Belinda was soon jeered at games and mocked as 'Flatstop' by her opponents as word got out about her flat chest.

Breast augmentation ads were taped to the outside of her locker and a mock student government ballot was distributed with her name listed as the only choice as female student representative for the Itty-Bitty Titty Committee. When a fake announcement was slipped in with the regular pre-lunchtime announcements and an unwitting male sophomore read it over the public address system, Belinda reportedly ran out of her classroom in tears as laughter erupted throughout the school.

A few years after taking this major hit to her self-esteem, Belinda began to openly solicit comments about the desirability of her breasts. At one point, briefly, she even openly dared guys to post her nude pic on the internet.[4]

You see that pic of me here? Well? Is my chest flat? Are my breasts that undesirable?
  — Belinda Ramirez[5]

As of 3/31/08, 29% rated her breasts as either 'fantastic' or 'very nice'. However, 25% of the 670 votes also said she has 'boy boobs.'

Results of Belinda's breast poll

  • 11.34% .......... Fantastic!
  • 18.51% .......... Very Nice!
  • 18.06% .......... Average
  • 17.76% .......... Unattractive
  • 24.78% .......... 'Boy-Boobs'
  • 09.55% .......... 'What breasts?'

Total Votes: 670 as of March 31, 2008

Belinda, who has never denied to her online detractors that she stuffed her bra, eventually publicly admitted that even as a 17-year old junior in high school in the spring of 2003, she wore only an AA-cup sized bra.[6]

It has been alleged that Belinda used a financial settlement she received for the high school harassment and humiliation she endured for breast augmentation surgery, which perhaps may explain that in topless pics taken while she was in college that have been posted on the net by her harassers she looks to have more appealing A-cup, perhaps even borderline B-cup sized breasts.[7] Belinda has been uncharacteristically silent on the matter.


admitting that she deserved all the spankings she got while growing up

I was spanked while growing up, sometimes bare-bottomed, but I'm not going to complain about it. I wasn't abused or anything. As for my spankings being deserved, it wasn't like they were the end of the world or anything. So, yes, I guess they were. Even the real embarrassing ones.
  — Belinda Ramirez[8]

admitting it was quite fair for her 5th grade teacher to spank her on her exposed panties

When I was eleven and in 5th grade, it was f-----g embarrassing having my skirt totally raised up in front of everyone but I wasn't angry about it. It just really sucked, plus all the teasing I got afterward. My teacher had caught me swearing at and hitting a stupid mariposa that was bugging me and she punished me. OK, I can live with that, even if she was nothing but a vaca gorda. Our teacher a month or so earlier had spanked two boys for fighting, lowering their pants in the process. But I'm not going to whine and say she should have treated me any differently just because I'm a girl. Those boys had gotten spanked in front of classmates on their underpants and, in all fairness, I deserved to be punished the same way - and was. ... My skirt was lifted all the way up above the waistband of my panties before I was spanked. That's only fair.
  — Belinda Ramirez[9]

on why she feels she deserved a bare-bottom spanking in front of her class

Truth be told, Mrs. Case preserved way more of my modesty than I deserved. My teacher had been far too patient with me. As embarrassing as I was with my skirt fully up, my panties partially lowered and with much of my butt crack exposed as I was spanked with everyone watching, my teacher really should have pulled my panties down all the way and spanked my bare butt soundly in front of everyone - a punishment that was totally justified for my misbehavior and one which I, without a doubt, totally deserved. In fact, it would have done me some good had I received a few more like it in front of my class each and every year, including high school. I certainly would have behaved better. I always did for at least a while after anytime I got spanked.
  — Belinda Ramirez[10]

on how she feels girls should be spanked at school

If teachers or principals are going to spank students, it should be like I was (bared) or over our exposed panties.
  — Belinda Ramirez[11]

on how boys should be spanked at school

I think that if a school spanks or paddles kids then yes, boys should have to drop their pants. Because if girls in skirts are going to be bending over, they're going to be exposed. So the boys should have to be exposed likewise. And if a girl has to get it in class, then so should the boys. Why should it just be us who get the extra humiliation of being exposed?
  — Belinda Ramirez


  • Born: Chicago, Illinois
  • Birthdate: September 24, 1985
  • Family: two younger sisters
  • Closest friends: Libby Marr, Becky Romero
  • Sexual orientation: straight
  • Captain of her high school softball team
  • Two-time division all-star, shortstop (2002, 2003)
  • Receipient of Dottie Kamenshek award (playoff MVP, 2003)
  • Throws: right Bats: rights
  • Career high school softball stats (not incl playoffs): .379, 21 homeruns, 51 rbi
  • Hit walk-off, game-winning homer to break up no-hit bid by Cassie Newman in 2004[12]

Twice ejected by umpires in 2003, once for allegedly saying plate umpire Roy Wiggington's loud and quite animated embellishment of calling her out at home was to make up for the size of his "inadequate manhood" (this resulted in a one-game suspension, as reported in a rival school newspaper).

Was coaching intern with Libby Marr at youth baseball camp (year?). Belinda later boasted on how she embarrassed naked boys who were taking too long to shower and change. Leading girl campers into the locker room, she yelled, "It's show-time, fellas."

Very Personal[edit]

  • has admitted publicly that she's still a virgin
  • has flat, small, boyish, A-cup sized breasts
  • frequently skinny-dips in her backyard pool; once caught naked by paperboy
  • kept running tally of the number of boys she depantsed on her locker door to intimidate guys


  • has admitted to being spanked while growing up, occasionally even bare-bottomed[13]
  • has conceded that being spanked made her behave better and that she is not at all resentful that she received them[14]
  • on her bare bottom, as an 11-year old, by her 5th grade female teacher in private (but to her shame, was observed) after being spanked on her exposed panties in front of her classmates[15]
  • on her bare bottom while naked, as a 12-year old, by her grandmother, witnessed by a sales clerk and her 5-year old male cousin, after Belinda had mouthed off because her cousin teased her for seeing her topless during her training bra fitting[16]
  • on her bare bottom, as a nearly 16-year old; first by two pre-teenage boys who stripped her of her untied bikini after she fell asleep sunbathing on a beach for her having bullied them earlier in the day, then a short while later while still naked in front of several of her cousins by her aunt when she returned to where they were on the beach after she failed to get her bikini back[17]
  • on her bare bottom (naked), as a 20-year old, for losing a bet on the 2005 World Series[18]

What's been said about Belinda's breasts[edit]

  • "Belinda stuffs big time, no wonder she got so mad when people found out she has boobs like a boy" - (one-time high school classmate, Shayne Brennan)
  • "flat as a door" - (Bad Girl Spanker)
  • "flat as Kansas" - (Ranger Rob)
  • "Yu are flat as a opossum under a 18 wheeler on i-65." - (Vanessa from Alabama)
  • "One flat chick. It's like she got paved across her chest." - (Haas)
  • "Don't they have silicone in Chicago?" - (Darnell)
  • "Her boobs are flat like two pancakes with cherries in the center" - (Peter, at
  • "My 9 year old cousin Chantrelle she got bigger boobs than that bitch ever had in high school."[19]

Naked on a baseball card[edit]

When Bad Girl Spanker threatened Belinda that she, like her friend Libby Marr, would soon be depicted fully naked on a baseball card, she threw a f-bomb laced tirade at him on the net, saying:

As for your stupid baseball cards, f*** you! So a few f*****g mariposas here will see them. Big f*****g deal! ... As for me... just because you're threatening to f*****g humiliate me with that pic of my pussy. You're going to f*****g do that anyway sooner or later. But when you do make that f*****g baseball card of me with it, just f*****g make sure you put "All-Star" on it. I kicked ass out there on the field and I'm proud of it.
  — Belinda Ramirez[20]

Belinda got her wish. When Bad Girl Spanker created a baseball card from a full-frontal nude photo of her with her legs spread open, leaving nothing to the imagination, and posted it on the internet, he did indeed put All-Star on it.[21]

Satirical songs by Belinda[edit]



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