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Becky Romero (sometimes known as Brashy Becky) is a Chicago native, now a college student, one of three original Depantsing Queens who first began the The Depantsing Queens website. Becky and her closest girlfriends in high school were nicknamed as such because of what their critics said was their snobbish, unabashed, vigilante behavior of pulling down the pants (and sometimes the underwear, also) of boys who they perceived to have wronged them in some way, often in front of other girls to increase the boys' humiliation. Although she certainly has many friends and defenders (who argue the girls were simply defending themselves from unwanted sexual advances and harassment by male classmates), it can also be said that karma finally caught up with Becky and her girlfriends in their senior year when several of their past victims distributed full frontal and rear nude photos of the girls (all then 18) both at school and on the internet.

In 2011 it became public that Becky was occasionally spanked as a result of her poor behavior and disrespect by her stepfather on her bare bottom or while naked as a teenager. The spankings, quite humiliating for Becky at the time, instilled a simmering hatred towards her stepfather that may have contributed towards Becky's attitude towards men. Although her parents eventually divorced in 2003 while she was still in high school, Becky has not gotten over the shame and has written about the guilt she still feels for not being spanked as often as her younger brother.[1]

In addition to the Depantsing Queens site, Becky a personal blog with themes of spanking, stripping and humiliation. She is also a frequent contributor on The Experience Project website and on InTheMix.


Becky writes often about her own personal experiences of spanking and humiliation, which include being spanked several times in school in front of classmates, being caught having sex with her boyfriend, having her nude photos distributed online and throughout her high school when she was 18 and being spanked naked in her backyard on her 20th birthday in front of her friends.

She enjoys relating the embarrassment and exposure of any schoolboy, often detailing how she would have added to their humiliation by her laughter and constant teasing. This even included young boys who she babysat. Becky has boasted how she'd add to the boys' embarrassment at bathtime by often turning a blind-eye if the boys' sisters decided that they wanted to watch their brothers bathe. She also tattled on two young boys who had done nothing to her except untie her bikini top in a public pool. The boys' mothers responded by spanking the boys bare-bottomed in front of everyone. (see teacher Lisa Lox incident and Brandywine Heights High School incident)

However, Becky found out that even young boys can sometimes turn the tables and teach big girls a humiliating lesson. After months of denial on internet message boards, Becky finally publicly admitted that a young preteenage boy, who had caught her naked in the shower, slapped her bare backside after she had yelled at him to leave the bathroom, a rare public admission by an adult woman receiving a (m/F) spanking.[2]

Becky enjoys playing softball, swimming and relating in stories of nudity and humiliation, especially spankings. She also relishes debating guys as to why and how they would spank her. An outspoken feminist, Becky and her friend, Libby Marr, have been activists in the Louise Ogborn case.

Having depantsed and humiliated numerous boys during her school years, often for very trivial offenses, Becky has not found herself endeared in the hearts and minds of men. Her calls for the castration of rapists[3] and for laws to require that all men and boys pee while sitting down haven't helped her either[4] and have caused controversy across the Internet.[5], [6]

As a result of showing no remorse for her past behavior and actions, Becky soon found herself the subject of stories in which she is usually stripped and/or spanked and/or peeing herself, often by the now-grown up boys she once victimized. One author, Bad Girl Spanker, has written several such stories, much to Becky's chagrin, protest and embarrassment.

Although Becky has admitted to being spanked and humiliated numerous times in the past, she claims she never deserved to be. To vindicate herself, she engaged in a two-year debate (see below) on an internet forum to prove her innocence. If she lost, she would submit to being spanked bare-bottomed by the man, Bad Girl Spanker, she was debating in front of a live audience of his chosing.

Becky is an outspoken advocate in favor of replacing all school paddlings with classroom spankings, even if they are bare-bottom ones.(source) She also firmly believes that there's absolutely nothing wrong in school girls, herself included, being stripped naked from the waist down, exposed and then spanked in front of a laughing, mixed-sex class by a teacher of either sex, just so long as unruly boys receive the same punishment. She has admitted that if such discipline was given to her more often in school she would have been a much better behaved student.

Corporal punishment wasn't the only kind of discipline Becky received at school from her teachers. On at least one occasion, shaming was used on her and another girl who were caught panty flashing on the playground at lunchtime. Narrowly avoiding an in-class spanking, the 12-year old Miss Romero was taken out into the hallway where her 6th grade female teacher then ordered Becky to lift up her uniform skirt above her waist. As she reluctantly did so, several boys from a nearby classroom viewed the entire proceedings through an open doorway, adding to her shame. Becky's panties were then yanked down to the floor. As the humiliated Becky was ordered to return to class sans panties, her teacher then hung the garment from atop the classroom's front chalkboard for an entire week as a warning to other girls in class what would happen to them should they engage in similar unladylike behavior. [7]

In addition to her poor behavior as a little girl, Becky admitted she was also not the most intelligent girl in class either (at least during her grade school years), as the following admissions by her below indicates.


If I had to strip in front of all my classmates every time I did poorly on a test or homework paper, I might as well simply have gone to school naked each day to begin with.
  — Becky Romero, commenting on news reports about 6th grade girls who did poorly in their exams being forced to undress before their classmates. [8]
Having received one - but only one - (and a mild one at that) in-class, bare-bottom spanking was both quite shameful and very embarrassing to me. So I have to honestly admit that had I been given a few more, (even if given infrequently) bare-bottom spankings in front of my entire class every year or so, the shame would have undoubtedly made me a much better behaved and likely a more attentive student.
  — Becky Romero, from her opinion piece on why she believes schools should spank students bare-bottomed in front of mixed-sex classes rather than paddle students in private. [9]
There is likely no more of an effective (or shameful) punishment for a girl than being given a bare-bottom spanking in front of her class.
  — Becky Romero, speaking with the benefit of experience. [10]


  • Born: Chicago, Illinois
  • Birthdate: September 22, 1985
  • Closest friend: Libby Marr
  • Sexual orientation: straight
  • Boyfriend: Troy, who Becky acknowledges has a small penis.
  • Family: parents (mother and stepfather) are divorced; has two brothers: Bobby (older) and Matt (younger), who Becky acknowledges has a penis even smaller than her boyfriend's.
  • Father: killed by a drunk-driver when Becky was 2-years old[11]
Note: biographical information about Becky Romero has been gathered from her personal website, blog, posts by her on internet forums and public statements she has made under the doctrine of fair use

Very personal[edit]

  • Measurements: 34 - 24 - 35
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Weight: 114
  • Acquired the nickname, "Becky Bare-Butt", after receiving an embarrassing bare-bottom spanking in front of her first-grade classmates

Note: biographical information about Becky Romero has been gathered from her personal website, blog, posts by her on internet forums and public statements she has made under the doctrine of fair use

Very, very personal[edit]

  • Lost her virginity at age 15
  • Refuses to engage in oral sex. Quote: "I'm not that kind of girl."
  • Was referred to behind her back in high school as "Sperm Bank Becky"
  • Punished in front of her entire 6th grade class after she was caught panty-flashing on the playground[12]
  • Was said about her in high school that she went through boyfriends faster than a box of tampons
  • Stopped shaving her pubic hair to support her close friend, Libby Marr, who was being cruely teased about her thick, unshaven pubes when her high school classmates saw her nude pics[13]
  • Her preferred choice of underwear makes one wonder why she even bothers wearing any at all[14]
  • Offered sexual favors to a male friend who was ignoring her [15]
Note: biographical information about Becky Romero has been gathered from her personal website, blog, posts by her on internet forums and public statements she has made under the doctrine of fair use

Spanked by her stepfather[edit]

In 2011 Becky admitted that she was spanked by her stepfather as a teenager, punishments that included the humiliation of not only having her bottom completely bared but her breasts as well, even in front of her younger brother.[16]

The spankings, Becky admits, were the result of her behavior, her failure to obey her stepfather and the disrespect she had shown him. Although Becky claims she did not deserve the shameful spankings, she has conceded that during her parents' divorce the family court judge denied a request by her mom that Becky's stepfather be bared from disciplining her.

Though at the time Becky and her mom fought the efforts of Becky's stepfather to discipline her, Becky now admits that her stepfather had a legal right to punish her:

I know my stepdad had a LEGAL right to spank me, even with me undressed and regardless that others were present in our house because it wasn't sexually abusive or considered excessive.
  — Becky Romero[17]

Becky's stepfather, who she admitted was fed up with her behavior and disrespect and who she also acknowledged was perfectly within his rights to spank her, initially only came close to giving her several bare bottom disciplinary spankings when she was a teenager, including:

  • at a 4th of July family barbecue when she was 13 in 1998, when he pulled down her panties and exposed her in front of a number of guests for an intended spanking[18]
  • at home when she was 15, with her pants down and panties being lowered for an intended spanking in front of her younger brother and three other boys, all younger than her, because she disobeyed her stepdad and continued to play catch with a baseball near the house that resulted in a broken window[19]
  • in front of her two brothers, when she was 16, partially exposing her for an intended spanking[20]

However, Becky has noted that her 'luck' ran out and several months before she turned 17 she began receiving regular bare bottom spankings by her stepdad, who disciplined her regardless of who else was present:

Probably the most important thing for a teenage girl who is entrusted with babysitting younger boys is for to have them respect her authority... But imagine what happens to all that respect you've built up over time when suddenly one day they see your upturned, completely bare bottom being spanked by your stepdad, your unfastened bra falling to the floor and, upon your standing up and clenching your sore butt with both hands, see a naked, crying, giggling, spectacle before them?
  — Becky Romero[21]

  • on her bare bottom, in front of her younger brother and her brother's 12-year old playmate (a boy who Becky said she regularly babysat), when she was 16 after a dispute about an immodest bikini she wanted to wear; her bikini bottoms were lowered for the spanking and her bikini top was also removed when Becky tried to fight the spanking[22]
  • as she was naked, her towel having fallen or been removed, when she was 16; for disobeyed her stepfather; a second such spanking was given to her late evening in front of her brothers and her older brother's girlfriend[23]

More spankings[edit]

  • on her bare bottom, in front of classmates, by her 1st grade teacher[24]
  • on her exposed bare bottom with partially lowered panties, by her 2nd grade teacher[25]
  • on her bare bottom (naked), at beach as pre-teen young girl, by girl classmate and several boys[26]
  • on her bare bottom, for misbehaving at a friend's house, in front of girlfriend's brothers (alleged)[27]
  • on her bare bottom (naked), at her own 20th birthday party, by male friend[28]
  • on her bare bottom (naked), as 21-year old, while caught naked in shower, by 10-year old boy[29]
  • on her pants, by male drunk at bar, while celebrating her 21st birthday
  • on spring break of 2008 by a male stripper [30]
  • on her bare bottom in an adult-orientated restaurant by who she thought was a school principal [31]

Becky's quotes and opinions[edit]

Becky is quite opinionated, as the following quotes from her extensive writings indicate.

On the most effective way to make a schoolgirl behave in class

There is not a more effective (or shameful) punishment for a school girl to be given that being spanked on her bare-bottom in front of her class. I have to concede that receiving a few more than those I did get would have made be a much more attentive and well-behaved student.
  — Becky Romero[32]

On equal spanking justice:

If the stated disciplinary action for certain offenses by boys in grade school or high school was for them to receive a bare bottom spanking in front of our entire mixed-sex class, I believe that if I was guilty of the same offense, then I should have to suffer the same humiliating punishment. I'd have no right to sit there, watch and laugh at my male classmate as he is humiliated in front of me and not be treated the same way for the same offense. Even if the standard was to be completed bared from the waist down, or to be over the teacher's lap, or (gasp!) bending over in full view of the class, it would only be fair and right for me to be given the same exposing spanking as a boy would have received.
  — Becky Romero

Proposing that bare-bottom classroom spankings replace paddling:

In studying the effects and brutality of paddling on both girls and boys, I've come to the unmistakable conclusion that... in current paddling-permissive schools, at the very least the paddling should be replaced by open-hand spankings by classroom teachers in front and in full view of the offending student's entire class, even if it's decided to spank students on the completely exposed bare-bottoms. ... Shame, not pain, should be the main purpose of the spanking. ... I've reached this conclusion fully aware that... I'd have frequently been spanked in front of my class, no doubt occasionally bare-bottomed - even into my high school years.
  — Becky Romero[33]

On being spanked in first grade:

I won't deny that being spanked, bare-bottomed and exposed for all my classmates to watch, had an enormous impact on me and my behavior. I was humiliated! The boys teased me relentlessly, as well as some of the girls.
  — Becky Romero

Explaining why she deserved a bare-bottom spanking in front of her 8th grade class, after being caught more than once for flashing her panties:

I'll concede that such conduct might warrant being given a spanking in front of one's whole class. I'm not sure it should warrant a bare-bottom spanking, at least not for the first offense. But I'll concede that it could be a so-called spankable offense. [Just as long as] girls know AHEAD OF TIME what the punishment will be if they get caught flashing their panties... I [deserved] one [a bare-bottom spanking] because I had been caught doing that more than once.
  — Becky Romero

On how she would have fared had she been a student in the 6th grade class of Lisa Lox, the Biggsville, Illinois teacher who made a boy strip off his clothes in front of his entire mixed-sex class:

I have absolutely no doubt that if I were in Lisa Lox's class at that age, 12, I would have felt totally compelled to obey her just exactly as the humiliated boy did, leaving myself standing in front of my whole class in nothing but my panties, or perhaps nothing at all if she so ordered. And may heaven have helped my poor bare bottom if Ms. Lox felt like demonstrating to everyone the most effective way to make me properly behave in class.
  — Becky Romero[34]

On how to end school corporal punishment:

If all of America had gotten to watch their 1970s sweetheart, Marcia Brady, having one of her trademark short skirts hiked up, her panties totally exposed, bending over and receiving a humiliating paddling from her male school principal, school corporal punishment would be a thing of the past.
  — Becky Romero[35]

Suggesting girls should monitor behavior in boys' locker rooms:

I'm sure most pre-adolescent boys would be more embarrassed having to undress in front of 16-year old girl locker room monitors instead of 30-year old female gym teachers. But I think it might improve their behavior more and might also subconsciously engender more respect for girls their own age.
  — Becky Romero

On babysitting boys:

I probably babysat close to two dozen different boys while I was in high school and junior high. Of course there were times those boys felt embarrassed. Being naked in front of a teenage girl was understandably embarrassing for them. But someone had to put them to bed, help them change their clothes or give them their baths... Did I look at them? Sure? Did I sometimes have to suppress a grin or smile? You bet! [But] I got no perverse pleasure out of the fact that I saw many young boys nude for a few moments. I was babysitting! Nothing more, nothing less. But you bet I enjoyed humiliating the jerks that grabbed my butt or my breasts. I loved pulling down their pants, embarrassing them and I relished every moment [doing it].
  — Becky Romero

On her boyfriend's penis size:

Stop saying I'm ridiculing him. All I've said about him is that he's small. My boyfriend has a small penis, got it? That's NOT ridiculing him! It simply means he has a small penis. How many times do I have to say it for you to understand?
  — Becky Romero

Scheming to take a picture of her boyfriend's penis in order to ridicule him:

If I can fix it up to catch him and get a pic while he's asleep, remember he won't be hard, like Jason was in his nude pic. Not that there's that much difference anyway. I mean when you're small like he is, you're SMALL period!
  — Becky Romero

Answering her male critics of her support of laws to require that all males pee while sitting down:

You've probably never suffered the embarrassment of wetting your pants while waiting in a long bathroom line at a ballgame or crowded club, as I have, and then had to walk back to your seat, totally humiliated, with everyone smirking or outright laughing at you.
  — Becky Romero[36]

Commenting on news reports that female customers were forced to strip naked at a Hutchinson, Kansas grocery store in August 2007:

I could easily imagine myself being in such a store and refusing to strip naked in front of ten people, let alone one hundred people. And if I refused, what then? Would that moron Dillons' employee who obediently fetched the butcher's knife as if he were a Nazi prison guard obeying the Stammlager Kommandant's orders actually going to cut off his manager's fingers if I didn't strip naked? Or wouldn't it be even more likely that a group of men would simply grab me and quickly rip all my clothes off - my dress, my bra and my panties - and then parade me at the window to prove to the caller that his demands were complied with, leaving me totally naked and utterly humiliated in the process?
  — Becky Romero[37]

The debate[edit]

In 2006, in response to Bad Girl Spanker claiming that she deserves to spanked, Becky Romero created a poll on MisterPoll entitled "Should I be spanked?", asking people to vote on whether or not she should be spanked. To increase interest and get more votes on the poll she has also agreed to let voters determine how much clothing she would be allowed to wear. As it was becoming apparent Becky was losing overwhelmingly she created a second poll entitled "Do I really deserve a spanking ?", dismissing the results of the first poll as being manipulated by perverts.

After losing overwhelmingly for a second straight time, Becky polled people a third poll on her web site, but the results were essentially no different than her first two polls.

Refusing to concede to the poll results, Becky was able to reach a new agreement with Bad Girl Spanker to have a debate on the matter. It was agreed that if she lost, the poll results would determine whether she'd be spanked clothed or unclothed and whether her spanking would be broadcast on the web. Furthermore, Bad Girl Spanker would administer her punishment. Becky further to allow several people to punish her if they felt she was not abiding by the terms of the debate. As this would be accomplished by them posting nude photos of her on the web, Becky was often forced to reveal embarrassing moments of her past to avoid punishment.[38]

Becky was also once caught lying during the debate and private conversations of her later revealed she apparently was scheming lying on other occasions as well.[39]

O.K. So I've fibbed a little bit in the past when I said I hadn't been spanked by a boy before and Bad Girl Spanker caught me in that lie.
  — Becky Romero

I wouldn't want him to know what I am about to tell you below (he'd just say it proves that I want him to spank me). And if you tell him, I'll deny it and delete this post and claim you are lying! .
  — Becky Romero

Although she had admitted that part of her would truly get 'satisfaction' if she ended up being spanked...

Part of me would truly get satisfaction from openly defying him if I end up being spanked. I know that if I end up getting spanked, full nudity would almost certainly be the requirement, thanks to all of those the damned perverts voting on my polls. But he would have to strip me naked! I would NOT voluntarily strip for that creep.
  — Becky Romero[40]

...Becky eventually was accused of breaking her promise and her pledge to debate. The debate had lasted for over two years with Becky answering numerous personal questions, even some related to her many sexual encounters. However, some relevant questions about her past spankings while growing up were still unanswered when Becky apparently abruptly deleted the poll where the debate was held in May of 2009 right after Bad Girl Spanker had posted nude photos of Becky on the internet, which he had only done so per the terms of punishment she had agreed to in the first place.

Even more puzzling, however, was the sudden vanishment of Bad Girl Spanker the day after the poll of debate was deleted. This caused numerous speculations including whether Becky and her girlfriends were somehow involved in foul play concerning his disappearance.[41] As for the debate itself, Becky's friend Ashley Randle has stated that an archived transcript of the debate would be posted.[42]

Ironically, Becky Romero would admit in the fall of 2009 that she now wishes she had let Bad Girl Spanker publicly spank her bare bottom because fate delivered a more humiliating comeuppance than he would have given her.

I should have simply let Bad Girl Spanker put me over his knee and spank my bare butt... Swallowing my pride at that time would have been less humiliating than things eventually turned out.
  — Becky Romero[43]

Becky also conceded that receiving a few more bare-bottom spankings in school than she did would have been beneficial to her upbringing.

Perhaps if I had received a few more bare bottom spankings in class at an older age than I did, I might have been far more reluctant in 2006 to let my pride get the best of me with the creation of that poll. No, not perhaps. I'm quite certain of it. More spankings like that would have been welcome in retrospect, deservingly or not.
  — Becky Romero[44]

SPH - small penis humiliation[edit]

Becky has no doubt caused embarrassment and humiliation for both her boyfriend and younger brother when she openly described their penis sizes on the internet, estimating that her boyfriend's is less than five inches and her brother's, Matt, to be four inches at maximum erection.

It's not like (I) take a measuring tape with us to bed. But I've seen plenty of guys down there to have a good guess. I'd say definitely no more than five inches erect, OK probably a little less.
  — Becky Romero[45]

As far as describing it, OMG it's not like (I) took a ruler to measure it - lol. But he's smaller than my boyfriend. So I'd guess it's probably around 4 inches or so hard, tops. His balls aren't big at all so when he was soft, it just sort of stuck out straight out, like a thumb. His pubes aren't thick either, so all in all, I guess you can say he doesn't look his age.
  — Becky Romero[46]

But her boyfriend and brother are not the only guys Becky likes to ridicule. She publicly praised a girl who had passed around nude pics of the girl's ex-boyfriend around her high school, saying the guy deserved the humiliation of his female classmates seeing his little sausage link.[47]

Spanking her teenage brother's bare bottom[edit]

Becky also gleefully spanked her teenage brother Matt's bare bottom in front of not only his girlfriend but two other girls as well, simply because he had teased her about engaging in cyberspanking with a guy she met online.[48] She also participated in stripping him naked and tossing him in the shower, then joined her girlfriends in making jokes about his small penis, which cold water didn't help any.[49]


Although Becky asserted she was extremely humiliated by the ordeal she suffered in high school when nude pics of her were passed around and posted online, she also has at many times in her life displayed a certain exhibitionist streak.

As noted above, Becky was quite the little panty-flasher in grade school. She was once punished for it by a teacher in 6th grade. Yet she kept doing it, even at the risk of being spanked. In high school, Becky is said to have often dressed provocatively, wearing low cut tops which undoubtedly showcased her ample cleavage when leaning or bending over.[50]

Becky showed little concern for her own modesty even while engaged in sexual intercourse or when pleasuring herself. She was once caught fully naked by a school security guard as she rode her boyfriend in the back seat of his car.[51]

She was also caught at least on one occasion by a boy living next door to her as she lay on her bed in the nude while masturbating next to an open window.[52]

After her nude pics made the rounds at her high school, Becky sent revealing pics of herself to at least two men she met online. She told them it was because, I wanted both of you to see me totally nude on my terms rather than them viewing the pics of her posted by a classmate for her humiliation.[53] Becky also shaved her pubes in posing for the photos she gave to them, causing one of the men to say she looked like a little girl down there.[54]

The two men, Jason Shannon and Billy, were profusely polite with Becky but others were not when commenting publicly on Becky's nakedness and that of her friends, Libby Marr and Belinda Ramirez.

Holy crap! What a freakin sexy body does Becky have! No wonder all them freakin morons at her school wanted their freakin hands all over her! Man do them curves she's got ever make the case for an insanity defense for them. Hey, I'm not excusin what they did, just tryin to say Becky's one the most damn, hottest, sexiest (totally freakin nude like her or otherwise!!!) girls I've ever freakin seen.
  — Ranger Rob[55]

In the summer of 2004 Becky's older brother, Bobby Romero, got married and Becky was a bridesmaid at the wedding. During the bouquet toss, the top of Becky's dress fell down, leaving her teenage breasts completely exposed to other guests, their cameras and the videotographer.[56]

Becky enjoys skinny-dipping and hot-tubbing in the nude with her friends. On one such occasion, her girlfriends got a platonic male friend to spank a fully nude Becky on her 20th birthday. Although Becky expressed embarrassment over the situation, she nonetheless allowed herself to be placed over the male teenager's lap and be spanked in front of at least a half dozen friends, including several other males, none of whom were her boyfriend.[57] Becky later tried to downplay the incident, saying it in no way proved she enjoyed being spanked and that she was just trying to be a good sport.

She has posted revealing photos of her bare buttocks on her website, even asking viewers if she should be spanked. Knowing that he had nude pics of her, she even encouraged Bad Girl Spanker to post them as a punishment if she ever failed to keep her pledge to debate as noted above.

Becky also enjoyed engaging in cybersex and cyberspanking with guys she met online, with the results often leaving her naked and submissive in the process.[58]

After one cyberspanking session, Becky told Jason-Shannon:

And my nipples were quite perky too, in just thinking about that spanking you gave me. I guess I'll need to post a new photo of myself to prove that, huh?
  — Becky Romero to Jason-Shannon[59]

Becky also write about enjoying her time with her boyfriend, Troy. The feeling might not be so mutual as Troy on occasions has been publicly ridiculed by Becky about the size of his penis.[60]

Along with her girlfriends Libby Marr and Belinda Ramirez, Becky posed for nude paintings and photos of herself at a semi-secluded beach, likely along the Lake Michigan shore.[61] On a trip overseas in the summer of 2008, Becky gallivanted around topless beaches wearing at times nothing but a c-string, saying it was kind of fun watching some of the guys do a double-take.[62]



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