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Barry Blair in the 1990s.

Barry Blair (1954 – 2010) was a Canadian comics publisher, artist and writer, known for launching Aircel Comics (publisher of titles such as Samurai, Elflord, Dragonforce, and Men in Black) in the 1980s.

Blair was born in Ottawa, Ontario, but spent his childhood from age nine onward moving back and forth between Canada and Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, and Vietnam. From early on, Blair's art style was influenced by the comics he had seen living in East Asia, at a time when manga and other Asian comics were largely unknown in North America. His art was typically characterized by childlike figures, and included nudity and partial nudity. This continued into the erotica which became his main focus later in his career, and these attributes were a common criticism of his work.

Blair died on January 3, 2010, of a brain aneurysm which had been misdiagnosed as an ear infection.

Spanking art[edit]

Barry Blair's erotic work includes spanking art, BDSM art and other kinky/fetish art.

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