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Bare bottoms of two sunbathers
Note: This article is about a form of limited nudity. For other meanings, see bare.

A bare bottom is the exposed or naked state of the buttocks. It is not uncommon for the spankee's bottom to be bared—at least in private or before a suitable audience, like a peer group—for the spanking, or even for the spankee to be spanked totally nude. This is often referred to as a bare bottom spanking.

Forms of bareness[edit]

Full or partial baring[edit]

Bare bottom means the absence of both outer garments such as trousers or skirts, and undergarments such as briefs or panties. These garments can be either completely taken off or (more 'modestly') pulled down / pushed up to expose the buttocks while still covering the genitals.

In both cases the expression on the bare applies, while in the bare is reserved for (near-)total nudity, leaving no clothes or (by extension) just some away from the bottom, like socks. See pants down and skirt up for more on this.


An invitation to a boy scouts camp from 1974, where a "Pyjama top" rule is mentioned.

The adjective bottomless refers to a state where a person's upper body is clothed while their bottom is naked. In other words, a "bottomless" person is not completely naked, but naked from the waist down, at least until the thighs.

There are also garments that expose the buttocks while covering the front, for example a 'spank skirt' (fetish clothing) or a 'torso shield' (used for judicial canings in Malaysia). Such garments are also called "bottomless". For garments with a flap at the seat that can be opened or closed, see drop-seat.

Finally there are also garments that expose the buttocks while covering the gluteal cleft, anus and/or genitals, such as the thong, G-string, or jockstrap.

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Bare bottoms and punishment[edit]

The bare bottom in spanking art: Drawing by Martin van Maële.


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Drawing by Professor Jim.


Main article: bare bottom spanking

For disciplinary spanking, the main reason for baring the bottom is to increase the pain, and additionally, to humiliate the spankee and make the punishment more embarrassing (especially when others are watching, e.g. kin, class-, team- or play-mates). Another aspect is visual feedback: the redness of the bottom, bruises and other signs can indicate how severely the delinquent has been spanked already and when it is time to stop.

For erotic spanking, the spankee's bottom is almost always bared, but here the main reason is for both partners to enjoy the erotic experience of the spankee's bare bottom. When the buttocks have been marked, the spankee may be required to bare the buttocks in the household. Displaying such marks reinforces the spankee's humiliation.

It is also not uncommon, to enhance the procedure and the overall spanking experience, to begin the spanking on the fully clothed bottom (as a warm-up spanking), then remove one layer of clothing, continuing the spanking on the panties — or briefs, or boxer briefs — -clad bottom, and when sufficiently done, finish the spanking with a bare bottom spanking.

Additional exposure[edit]

In addition to spanking on the bare bottom, a child or an adult spankee may be instructed to remain in a bare bottom condition for a time, as a form of humiliation and discipline. This may occur after a spanking, when the results of the spanking are displayed, or as an alternative to a spanking. This may be combined with corner time.

On the other hand, the spankee may be made to 'wait for it' and contemplate his sins during eerie expectation of impending comeuppance, already bared and/or in punishment position (e.g. bent over furniture or spread-eagled on bed).

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