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Hector Barbossa spanks his daughter Sandy with a brush that's nicknamed "Mr. Spank-Spank".

Barbossasdaughter (also known as Sandy Barbossa Jones and BarbossasBride) is a spankee from Luxembourg who also works as a spanking artist.

She likes to draw M/f scenes in which Sandy, a young pirate girl and the daughter of Captain Hector Barbossa is spanked by different male authority figures from the Pirates of the Caribbean setting such as Barbossa himself, Davy Jones or Lord Cutler Beckett.

Having started at the appoximate age of 11 years, she drew and wrote spanking scenes and spanking fictions for herself. Her spankees are representing herself in a younger age. The spankers are mostly male and playing a father or uncle role. She likes mostly the bad and stern guys for parental roles.

Barbossasdaughter also draws other settings besides the Pirates of the Caribbean. Usually these too are taken from mainstream movies and cartoons, in which her Sandy character is spanked by various male disciplinarians, a form of spanking fan fiction.

The captions and balloons in her drawings are in English or German. She uses pencil, crayons and ink markers. Her art is shown in a gallery on Anime OTK and on deviantART.


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