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Bailey (Bailey Sullivan) is an American spanking actress and model who performs as a spankee almost exclusively for the website Spanking Bailey and a few spin-off sites from producer She has also worked for Shadow Lane.

Brandi has long wavy auburn hair, fair skin, and a girlish look. She plays mostly uniformed schoolgirl and cheerleader roles. (She is, of course, 18+ years in all photos and videos.) She has made many videos with the popular actress Kailee.

Bailey emerged onto the online spanking scene in the summer of 2005. In an interview from June 2006 (see link below) she said she was 19 years old and lived in Colorado. She has had a spanking fetish since she was a little girl and was never spanked as a child, not even once. She wrote a blog on the Spanking Bailey site from November 2006 to September 2008.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Bailey is Caught Ditching School (Spanking Bailey), truancy theme
  • Bailey is Caught With Stolen Test Answers (Spanking Bailey), cheating story
  • Bailey is Given a Dose of the Hair Brush (Spanking Bailey, 2006), Ms. Burns, alcohol, photos
  • Bailey is Given the Hair Brush for Brattiness (Spanking Bailey), spanked by Kailee
  • Bailey is Given the Lexan Paddle in Class (Spanking Bailey), lexan, photos
  • Bailey is Spanked for an Improper Uniform (Spanking Bailey), Kailee, photos
  • Bailey is Spanked for Missing Class (, truancy story
  • Bailey is Spanked for Stealing (Spanking Bailey), stealing offense
  • Bailey is Strapped for Slacking Off (Spanking Bailey), laziness theme
  • Bailey is Strapped for Vandalism (RealStrappings), vandalism story, photos
  • Bailey's Hairbrush Spanking (Spanking Bailey), spanked by Kailee
  • Bailey's Harsh Punishment, Part 1 (Spanking Bailey), mouthsoaping
  • Bailey's Laundry Room Belting (Spanking Bailey, 2005), photos
  • Bailey's Messy Uniform (Spanking Bailey), dress code violation
  • Bailey's OTK Punishment (Spanking Bailey), spanked by Kailee, photos
  • Mirror Paddling (Spanking Bailey), spanked in front of mirror, photos
  • Monica Watches Bailey's Spanking (Spanking Bailey), voyeur, photos
  • Mr. Daniels Applies the Ruler to Bailey's Bottom (Spanking Bailey), blackboard, photos