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A mother gives her daughter a bare bottom spanking for a work graded "F" (the lowest grade in the American school system). Drawing by Gauis Marius.

Bad grades are a classic scenario in which a schoolchild gets a scolding and/or a punishment such as a spanking at home. The reason for this unpleasant consequence is that the parent feels the bad grades by themselves are not a strong enough message, and the child needs extra painful measures to make them work harder and get better grades in the future.

Bad grades can be brought home in any graded work such as homework, a book report, a pop quiz, test, examination or in a report card that summarizes a student's performance over a longer period.

Bad grades can also result in other, longer lasting types of punishment, such as grounding or other loss of privileges (e.g. no TV, computer, tablet or smartphone for some time), and often the child will be made to spend more time preparing for school at home and less time playing until their grades are better. Another consequence can be private tutoring.

Cheating about bad grades[edit]

Girls roleplaying a scene in which one gets an "F", fakes it to look like an "A", but "mother" immediately detects the cheat and spanks her "daughter".
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Sometimes children try to hide a bad grade, or even say a lie when asked about a grade that the parent cannot easily check. But this is very risky because when the parent finds out, the consequences are likely to be worse because of the child's dishonest attempt to cover it.

In spanking fiction[edit]

In real life, bad grades by themselves generally do not result in punishment at school, except perhaps in rare cases or in some especially strict schools, or in boarding schools where the child has guardians on school grounds who take over certain duties of a parent.

In spanking fiction, students living under a strict regimen (such as Penitatas in Rejuve Universe) often get already spanked at school by their teacher for a bad grade — and then they get another spanking at home.

Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #156
A Penitatas gets a school spanking for poor work (F/f). Artwork by Palcomix.

Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #156
Four Penitatas get a school spanking for poor work (F/ffmm). Artwork by Palcomix.


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Teacher spanks girls with poor grades

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