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Bad Girl Spanker is a pro-spanking advocate and occasional spanking story author. As his moniker suggests, his stories and other writings focus on disciplining misbehaving girls and young women. His stories are mostly M/F or M/f.

His writings can be found on the IndianOutlaw's Stripping Story Board, SexTails, MisterPoll, SpankingClassics and several other websites.

He strongly supports school corporal punishment for both sexes up to the arrival of puberty, after which time he favors spanking only girls. He has no reservations about refusing a child's desire to maintain some modesty, instead arguing that spankings become a much more effective disciplinary tool when a child's (particularly in the case of girl's) buttocks are fully bared and exposed to their classmates of both sexes for the spanking.

Bad Girl Spanker's most critically acclaimed story is, Becky's Bare Bottom Pool Spanking (warning: adult site).

In the story, a beautiful, but snobbish, 21-year old college coed gets a spectacular, well-deserved, public comeuppance from two 18-year old boys who six years earlier had been spanked bare-bottomed by their moms for untying the girl's bikini top in a public pool and exposing her then modestly-sized teenage breasts to those around her.

Putting his moniker to real-life use[edit]

But what makes the Becky's Bare Bottom Pool Spanking story especially provocative is how Bad Girl Spanker took a real-life event (the boys' spanking) and turned it around into an engaging and humiliating story about the girl, Becky Romero, despite the later protests of Miss Romero, who was embarrassed that her real name was used in his story and for making her look like a b---- for having seen to it that the boys were spanked six years before.

As a result of the ill-will Bad Girl Spanker earned himself from Miss Romero and her friends, he found himself the subject of several internet ballads, not to mention numerous insults about the alleged diminutive size of his manhood and additional allegations about his sexual orientation. These included:

Bad Girl Spanker took the criticism and mocking of himself in stride. But unfortunately for Dee Dee Randle, Bad Girl Spanker got the last laugh on her when she didn't believe that he had acquired nude photos of her from an ex-friend of hers. When she dared him to prove that he had them in his possession, he obliged and posted several topless photos of her on an internet forum she frequented. After being publicly exposed and humiliated for all to see, Dee Dee has kept a low profile since.

Bad Girl Spanker also humiliated Becky Romero and her softball-playing girlfriends by posting on the internet several baseball cards of them sans uniforms, drawn from nude photos of the girls. Libby Marr was the first to be humiliated, followed by Belinda Ramirez. The artwork has brought further ridicule towards the girls about their nudity, particularly towards Libby with many degrading comments made about her unshaven bush.[1]

In a startling admission in June 2011, Becky Romero wrote that at one point during the debate she was ready to allow Bad Girl Spanker to spank her bare bottom in public:

He actually had had me on the verge of conceding defeat; he did not realize how close he came to me saying so. In fact, I already had a friend of mine looking at suitable restaurants with small banquet rooms in the New York metro area to grin, bare it and 'get it over with.'
  — Becky Romero[2]

However, not long before Becky made final arrangements for her humiliating public shaming, Bad Girl Spanker shocked her: he contacted her and informed her that he couldn't spank her or anyone else because he was confined to a wheelchair.

To say that I was both stunned and honestly saddened when this was brought this to my attention is an understatement. I was not saddened that I had avoided a humiliating lesson over his knee, but saddened for him as a human being for his physical condition. He actually conceded the debate to me, although given the circumstances I could not accept that victory...
  — Becky Romero[3]

Becky went on to say that she felt ashamed of the physical insults she had directed towards her nemesis when not knowing about his actual physical condition and that, upon reflection, she actually owed him not only a sincere apology but a debt of gratitude:

Despite the embarrassments he caused me by posting nude pics of me and the stories he wrote of me being spanked and humiliated, the debate we had about spanking helped me finally get over a painful, humiliating time I had as a teenager when my stepdad began spanking me - a number of times on my bare bottom.
  — Becky Romero[4]

Louise Ogborn case[edit]

Ironically, despite their intense, personal hatred for one another, Bad Girl Spanker and one of the Depantsing Queens, Belinda Ramirez, at one point formed an unlikely alliance of sorts, collaborating on possible ways on how to mislead people looking for the uncensored video of Louise Ogborn being spanked and sexually humiliated so that they would come up empty handed.[5]

Participation in debate on corporal punishment[edit]

Bad Girl Spanker also engaged in a lengthy public debate with Becky Romero on the topic of spanking, whether Becky deserved the spankings she had received and corporal punishment in the schools.[6] Miss Romero upped the stakes of the debate when she pledged that she'd allow herself to be spanked by Bad Girl Spanker if she lost. The discussion took place on and at times was quite intense and personal, with many people siding in and asking the two participants questions, especially of Becky - who was forced to detail embarrassing incidents from her childhood.[7]

Becky's girlfriends were drawn into the debate while trying to defend her,[8], but were often humiliated themselves as former high school classmates come forth to detail personal and embarrassing information about them.[9] Still others found the girls' internet posts on what had been a private message board and publicized them, bringing them more humiliation.[10]

In early 2009, after Becky refused to go into the embarrassing details of her being paddled and exposed at a girlfriend's house for misbehaving when she was 12 while her girlfriend's stepbrothers looked on, Bad Girl Spanker posted nude photos of Becky (as an adult), altered to show her bare bottom being paddled by several men. Becky was humiliated and outraged and refused to continue the debate, prompting many others to say she deserved to be punished for reneging on her agreement. However, shortly afterward, Bad Girl Spanker abruptly disappeared, bringing speculation on his whereabouts and whether Becky and her girlfriends were somehow involved in foul play concerning his disappearance.[11]

Ironically, Becky Romero would admit in the fall of 2009 that she now wishes she had let Bad Girl Spanker publicly spank her bare bottom because fate delivered a more humiliating comeuppance than he would have given her.

I should have simply let Bad Girl Spanker put me over his knee and spank my bare butt... Swallowing my pride at that time would have been less humiliating than things eventually turned out.
  — Becky Romero[12]

Quotes by Bad Girl Spanker[edit]

on why spanking girls is more effective than spanking boys

Girls and boys learn differently and obviously have to be disciplined differently. Spanking just doesn't have the same impact on boys, that it has on girls. That's why most parents stop spanking boys earlier than they stop spanking girls. ... Humiliation is much more effective on girls. It gets burned into their brains and actually changes their behavior. Boys go on testing the limits. Girls need strong boundaries set early on. Spanking, bare-bottom or not, public or private, is a direct and humiliating way of doing it. The lesson sticks.
  — Bad Girl Spanker - source

on advocating bare bottom spankings in class

Spanking is a useful disciplinary tool to use in the classroom on boys and girls. bare-bottom spankings in full view should be reserved for serious disciplinary problems when nothing else seems to make an impression. They work but they shouldn't be used casually. Spankings are much more effective on girls than on boys. That's why girls should be spanked. Girls have a stronger sense of modesty and can be brought into line more easily than boys. And spankings will work at older ages on girls, when they stop working on boys not long after puberty. But they can work really well on girls into their 20's.
  — Bad Girl Spanker - source

on public spankings

A public spanking in front of the opposite sex is a good tool for cutting down a kid who's gotten too arrogant and big for her britches. There's no age limit. Not for girls anyway. For boys it's less realistic to expect a teacher, especially since a majority of teachers are female, to be able to successfully restrain and spank boys past thirteen.
  — Bad Girl Spanker - source

on punishing schoolgirls who dress too provocatively

If girls find themselves having their skirts flipped or their blouses looked down, if they really don't want that attention-- which they usually do... they can dress in a way that it won't be a problem. If they keep dressing the way they are and maybe 'forgetting' to even wear panties, they need a bare bottom spanking for wasting the teacher's time and trying to get boys in trouble.
  — Bad Girl Spanker - source

on different types of girls

Girls who let their boyfriends get away with anything get turned into punching bags. Girls who don't trust their boyfriends and keep tearing him down get turned into old ladies living with a housefull of cats.
  — Bad Girl Spanker[13]

on why intelligent women want to be spanked the most

It's usually the strong-willed and intelligent girls who are driven to be control freaks who try to break free by acting out until a man does take them across his knee, pull down their panties and reduce them to little girls again. It doesn't matter if they're self-important college girls or boardroom executives they're just bratty girls with itchy buns in the end.
  — Bad Girl Spanker[14]

on how to deal with hot-tempered girls

The way to handle girls with a temper is to work it out of them and spank it out of them.
  — Bad Girl Spanker[15]

on insecure women

An insecure woman keeps fighting the man and trying to be in charge but really what she wants is for the man to overcome her resistance. Giving up control is the scariest and most arousing thing to her because it's also the biggest taboo. That's the kind of woman who wants and needs to be spanked though she keeps denying it.
  — Bad Girl Spanker - source

on what women what really want

Spanking isn't about beating down a woman. It's a game in which the woman gets what she wants and enjoys it too.
  — Bad Girl Spanker[16]

on why girls act out to get spanked

A girl acting out... is her way of saying 'I want boundaries. I want someone to show me they care enough to bring me back into line.'
  — Bad Girl Spanker[17]

on why women find spankings shameful

Men aren't as insecure about their bodies as women are. Spanking isn't a big deal for a man the way it is for a woman because the really shamefull thing about a spanking for a woman is that she secretely enjoys it.
  — Bad Girl Spanker[18]

on female control freaks

A spanking is the best way to force female control freaks to give up control. There's nothing like being completely naked, held down by a stronger man who's making you wriggle on his lap like a baby to make a woman feel completely out of control, tear down her walls and free her for the first time.
  — Bad Girl Spanker[19]

on getting naked

I'm not ashamed of my body and I could undress in front of a crowd tommorow.
  — Bad Girl Spanker[20]

Spanking stories by Bad Girl Spanker[edit]

A sexy college coed - who years earlier saw to it that two pre-teenage boys were spanked by their mothers in public for playfully undoing her bikini top in a public pool - gets a humiliating taste of her own medicine. Based on the real-life experiences of Becky Romero.

College coed Becky Romero poses as a high school student to investigate reports that the male principal of the Anderson School for Troubled Adolescents disciplines teenage girls by paddling them on their bare buttocks.

When a long line at the lady's room at a crowded restaurant gives Becky Romero worries about wetting herself in public, she desperately seeks an alternative place to go.

After a Christmas Eve night of fun with her girlfriends in which the college coeds played a mocking game of letters to Santa, a nearly nude Becky Romero is awakened in the middle of the night and comes face-to-face with the real Santa Claus, who isn't at all happy that Becky no longer believes in him. But her bare bottom is soon believing, as the Spanking Santa takes Becky down the path of Christmases Past, Present and Future. When Becky wakes up in the morning at first thinking it was all just a dream, a surprise ending embarrasses Becky more than she ever thought possible. Note: story includes a photo of a half-naked Miss Romero.

Chicago-area high school softball star Libby Marr had always felt as though her gifted athletic talents were limited by sexism in professional baseball. She had always fantasized about pitching in a women's professional baseball league, like the AAGPBL that was formed during World War II but failed when female ballplayers couldn't compete in popularity with Major League Baseball after the advent of television. So when Libby accidentally stumbled across a magic lamp one day and a genie appeared to grant her three wishes, she jumped at the chance to set things right. But Libby would find out that changing history often comes with a high price tag. (not a pure spanking story)

Artwork by Bad Girl Spanker[edit]

Give Generously - Libby Marr getting spanked in the nude in public by Santa Claus
Libby Marr Christmas Card 2012