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Application of baby oil on a spanked bottom. Rendered art by Mayhem.
Application of baby oil on a spanked bottom. Rendered art by Mayhem.

Baby oil is a marketing name for mineral oil (see also oil) with added fragrance that is sold primarily as a generic skin ointment.

Baby oil is often used as a skincare for babies, toddlers and young children, especially after giving a bath or changing their diapers. After cleaning the skin, baby oil is often applied on "diaper rashes" to ease the inflammation. Baby oil is sometimes used before talcum powder is applied to the skin.

In ageplay[edit]

Baby oil is also a popular prop in infantilism ageplay (both for adult babies and diaper lovers). The application of oil brings not only the feeling of being cared for like an infant, it is also a pleasant, sensual experience.

In spanking[edit]

Baby oil can be rubbed onto the buttocks before or after a spanking. See also wet bottom and lotion.

Baby oil can also be used as a wood preservative. A light coating of oil, rubbed into well-sanded wood, provides an easy-to-apply and relatively durable finish, without the odor or drying time (or toxicity) of varnish or urethane. Spankos can make use of this in the manufacture or care of implements such as paddles or canes.

As a lubricant[edit]

Baby oil can also be used for massage and as a personal lubricant. It is however not safe to use with latex and rubber sex toys and condoms.

For massage use, mineral oil is typically considered inferior to vegetable oils. Good massage oil consists of a vegetable carrier oil and optionally a few drops of an essential oil for aromatherapy. Popular carrier oils are grapeseed, apricot, almond, avocado, kukui nut, hazelnut, sunflower, jojoba, and many others.

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