Baby, Douce Fille

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Cover of Baby, Douce Fille, 1920 edition.
Frontispiece of Baby, Douce Fille by Louis Malteste.
Cover of Baby, Douce Fille, 1933 edition. This cover is probably not by Louis Malteste.

Baby, Douce Fille is a spanking novel by Sadie Blackeyes, a pseudonym of Pierre Dumarchey who is also known as Pierre Mac Orlan. It was first published in 1911 or 1919 by Jean Fort in Paris, with illustrations by Louis Malteste.

The novel describes the spanking, flogging and birching of girls and women at school, boarding school and in marriage. The title translates to "Baby, sweet girl".

Other editions[edit]

The 1919 edition by Jean Fort features a frontispiece, 11 inset illustrations and 32 in-text illustrations. Another edition was published by Collection des Orties Blanches c. 1921-1925. A reissue from 1933 by Collection Les Orties Blanches has only 10 of the 12 inset illustrations and contains no in-text drawings.

There are different spellings for the title:

  • Baby Douce Fille
  • Baby, Douce fille
  • Baby.. Douce Fille.

In 1957, the novel appeared in English translation under the title Whips and Tears.


The following are selected drawings by Louis Malteste from Baby, Douce fille: