BDSM Art Archiv

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BDSM-Artzone is a German website that features the BDSM Art Archiv, an archive of BDSM art (including spanking art). Another part of BDSM-Artzone is Pin Up & Fantasy Art, an archive of pin-up and fantasy art.

Both archives are sorted alphabetically by artist and feature biographies and sample images of more than 600 illustrators. The free area has only a few samples for each artist, and there is a "baz" logo in the middle of each image, even for vintage, public domain images.

The site also has an AVS-protected member area that features more content and requires a "Royal" X-access pass (19.95 EUR/month).

The BDSM Art Archiv has the following sections:

  • 3D Digital Art (rendered art)
  • Historical Art
  • Gay BDSM Art
  • Sammlungen & Kollektionen (books and collections)