From Spanking Art
If you enjoy the subject of adult spanking between consenting adults, Awakenings is the publication for you! From spouses, teachers, and employers who spank, to erotic fantasies, to adult children who still welcome disciplinary spankings, Awakenings has a little something for everyone. Each volume is a tantalizing collection of fiction, articles, poetry and art.
  — Sassy Bottoms

Awakenings was a publication/spanking magazine produced by Sassy Bottoms and published by B. B. Publications. Awakenings was launched after the first success of the Domestic Discipline Digest. Whereas the DDD featured largely adult/child discipline fiction, Awakenings was launched to explore the more overtly erotic aspects of spanking as a component of adult sexual intimacy.

Awakenings reached 6 issues that were sold at the price of $20 each; all 6 issues for $75. The artwork included illustrations by Sassy Bottoms and other spanking artists such as Mitch.