Averardo Ciriello

From Spanking Art

Averardo Ciriello was an Italian artist. He worked as an illustrator and cover artist for various Italian magazines such as (in the 1940s) Acqua Salata, L'Intrepido, Sette, (in the 1950s) Marc'Aurelio, Domenica del Corriere. Later on, he worked for the cinema business.

In the 1970s, Averardo Ciriello was the cover artist of the French erotic comic series Maghella. His cover art for Maghella features plenty of well-built female nudity, ranging from mildly erotic to sexually explicit. They include various cultural references, fantasy and kinky themes such as shrinking women, bondage, and zoophilia.

Ciriello also created at least one work of spanking art, the cover for Maghella number 54 (see link below).