Autumn Born

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Dorothy Stratten gets a riding crop beating.

Autumn Born (1979) is a low-budget Canadian sexploitation film starring former Playboy playmate Dorothy Stratten (1960-1980). The cast also includes Ihor Procak, Nate MacIntosh, Jocelyn Fournier, and Roberta Weiss. It was directed by Lloyd A. Simandl.

Stratten is best remembered for the circumstances of her murder at age 20 by her estranged husband which was turned into a film, Star 80.


The evil uncle of a spoiled rich girl, Tara (Stratten), contacts a sinister "school of discipline" for delinquent girls and arranges for her to be kidnapped and interned there. The school is run more like a prison and Tara is routinely abused, humiliated, and punished.

The spanking scenes[edit]

The underwear-clad beauty is handcuffed to a bed and caned. The soles of her feet are beaten as well (a rare example of bastinado punishment seen in a film).

Later Tara suffers a brief caning across her back (around 9 strokes) that leaves welts. Finally, wearing only a punishment corset, she is caned again. This is framed so that the impact of the strokes are not seen on camera.

Another student caught stealing is bent over the desk of the headmistress and given 9 cane strokes.

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