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My aunt was very strict: she spanked lot and hard so you really had to toe the line. For my aunt spanking was very ritualistic, usually accompanied by an embarrassing lecture on your transgressions, to make it clear that you knew why you were being spanked. My aunt taught me to spank the boys the way that she would, if I didn't do it properly she would demonstrate on my bottom, across her lap with my dress up. I still enjoy spankings that are not so much about the pain but about the ritual, the punishment, the humiliation, the embarrassment, the game of it.
  Mistress Kitty

An aunt is the sister of a person's father or mother; or the wife of the child's uncle, this is one case where in-law is not used. The term "aunt" is sometimes also used as a more generic one, particularly in address, for a more distant relative, or even for a friend of the family who is not related, but is trusted (by the parents) to act in a familial role. Children in particular are often taught to use "Aunt" as a title of address for any female adult in one of these categories.

  • materteral (adjective) - Pertaining to, or in the manner of, an aunt.

Aunts and uncles in spanking art[edit]

In spanking stories and spanking art, a child is sometimes spanked by an aunt or uncle instead of his or her parents. The role of an aunt or uncle is somewhat more distant than that of a parent, but not as distant as a teacher or a complete stranger. Children are sometimes given in a temporary guardianship to aunts and/or uncles, which puts these relatives in a in loco parentis situation in which they are permitted and expected to behave like parents to the child.

Aunts in spanking videos[edit]

A few of the many spanking fetish videos where an aunt disciplines a naughty niece or nephew.