Audrey Pee

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Audrey Pee was a then 18-year old high school student at East Webster High School Maben, Mississippi who received a paddling in 2003. She was paddled by a school principal Bill Brand for wearing a pair of pants which exposed her ankles.

Audrey's mother, Linda Pee, filed assault charges against Brand because of the incident.

"I feel that he poses a threat," Linda Pee said. "He's a danger to every child in that school as long as he's able to paddle them."

Pee disputed the contention by school officials that her daughter's name was not on a 'do not spank list' and said that she signed a notification slip that informed school officials she did not want her daughter to be paddled.

"I think they destroyed the form after he paddled her because it was not in the folder after I called him."

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