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The Santa/Gingerbread girl video has been watched nearly three hundred and fifty thousand times, and as somebody who is pleased with the artistic output of that video, I am delighted that it has been watched that many times.
  — Richard Windsor, September 2nd, 2009

Audrey Knight is a spanking actress. She acts on the website Spank That Brat with Abigail Whittaker. Knight and Whittaker have also performed in videos for Dallas Spanks Hard. One of these Dallas videos is mentioned by Richard Windsor's "special announcement" (September 2nd, 2009; see link section), discussing the fittingness of spankings: "too hard" or "too wimpy"; he is the producer of "Father Christmas and the Mischievous Gingerbread Girl", a completely different video.

From: (Clips for Sale):
"Santa goes to Audrey the elf's house to check up on her and finds her! Instead of making toys, she's been making trouble... Father Christmas, brilliantly played by Richard Windsor, lectures the beautiful switch elf Audrey Knight at length for her amusing, mischievous endeavors at Christmas time. OTK hand, antique hair brush spanking, panty spanks, and caning with a large candy cane!"

Spanking videos[edit]

Starring: Audrey Knight, Olivia Lamb
Duration: 8min 1sec
Full title: "Lazy little maid, who nearly ruined Knight's party"
Closing narration: "And, yes, Audrey rescued the party. Little Debbies make awesome hors d'oeuvres!"
Warning: Seems to be a surreptitious advertising for the McKee Foods Corporation!