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"From Story 1". Photograph taken by Asa Jones.

Asa Jones is an artist and photographer. He is also an author, for Blushing Books (a Publishing House based in Charlottesville, U.S.A.), and Spanking Emporium, a web site and blog with well over 100 photo illustrated stories, vintage sections, spanking art sections, and thousands of spanking related photographs of his team of naughty girls.

Gallery 1 (photos)[edit]

Gallery 2 (drawings)[edit]

Gallery 3 (Book Covers)[edit]

Gallery 4 (Illustrated Novels)[edit]

Two of Asa Jones's most special projects: The Inveigle, an illustrated novel set in a Victorian Spanking Brothel for women only, (Yes! They did exist), and Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls, a multi-volume illustrated novel set in a school for very naughty adult schoolgirls.

Gallery 5: Charlotte Hayes, "the Mother of English Spanking"[edit]

Below is a set of images that inspired the spanking novel The Inveigle

Flagellation Brothels rose in France, before coming to England. Predominantly for women only, women seeking a spanking from another woman, or wanting to spank a woman. This is made clear in all early French Spanking Literature... See Photos 1 and 2

The most famous of all early English establishments was run by Charlotte (1725-1813). One of Asa Jones's own submissives is named the same, see photo 3, where she portrays her, and photo 4, where she is presenting her bare bottom for a spanking.

Spanking Prostitutes, were also Courtesans, mixing with the upper echelons of society, being Mistresses of Duchesses, and Dukes. Also, many were artists models. Their property was always fabulous, she herself, lived at the top right cirner of photo 5.

Harris's Lists gave details of their establishments, and where to find them. Asa Jones has ready many of these books with fabulous details of what they got up to! See photo 6 ... These publications were popular beyond belief. Making huge profits for the publishers, one, Dennis O'kelly married her, leaving her extremely rich living in a house called Canons in Epsom. She had a pet partot, that could recite the whole of Psalm 104, imagine that!

NOTE...before the publications, spanking girls like Charlotte were found strolling in the parks of London, with a larger than normal nosegay, (a bunch of flowers in the lapel) and most importantly, purple gloves.

Charlotte had a best friend, Theresa Berkley, who lived at 28 Charlotte Street. She was famous for two things...being the first, or one of the first, Dominatrix, having designed her own flogging frame, 'The Berkley Horse'. see photo 7. The book 'EXHIBITION OF FEMALE FLAGELLANTS' (see Library Illustrative of Social Progress) is attributed to her.

Charlotte had her own flogging horse in her establishment, which could fit 40 people at a time. Men had now found out the delights. She would have her naked girls under the men tied up on the frame being spanked, using their mouth or hand to relieve them of their spurting load!

Want to know more? Then read the INVEIGLE, story number 26, for free, on Asa Jones's site...spanking-emporium, there is a link at the bottom of the page. The story is set in Victorian England, the Inveigle is run by a descendant of Charlotte's, who has a heirloom which belonged to her (reputedly), see photo 8

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