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An Arkham Bot (see below) getting an adjustment from his programmer.
Arkham's entry in Sakura's Spanking Meme

Arkham-insanity, also known as just Arkham is a female U.S. spanking artist, born in 1978, who lives in North Carolina. She draws child spanking art, discipline and fan art of various characters in manga/anime style. She is the (biological) sister of Dieingcity and the "author" of the mini comic Greater Than.

Art progression[edit]

Starting drawing at age sixteen, her first art was drawn from the many characters she saw on afternoon television, especially Darkwing Duck and Gooftroop. With this art came an early fixation with PJ being spanked by Pete from the latter series.

The first postings of her art were made in early 2007 and the artist lacked confidence to post before date. Despite her desire she feared the reaction she might get and wasn't certain which art communities would draw the least criticism.

Scenes are often drawn with a mix of characters and most of Arkham-Insanity's art - especially the comics - have humour or a comedy element mixed in. The pairings she choose are often rare and she actively seeks to draw unusual or unconventional character pairings.

The majority of her pairings are M/M or M/m.

Examples of her favourite characters come from the Anime series Full Metal Alchemist, especially Roy Mustang as a spanker and his military subordinate Ed Elric as a spankee. Spankings with this character pairings are Military Discipline. She also likes pairings involving popular Western characters such as Superhero's such as Batman and Robin.

I enjoy exploiting the guys since most spanking pics are of girls getting spanked. I feel that I am here to balance those scales, besides I personally thing boys deserved to be spanked more than girls but I may just feel that way because I am a girl.
  — Arkham-Insanity, 10th Febuary 2008

Currently attending college, Arkham-Insanity is sitting a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design. She hopes this will help her not only in a future career - but will improve the art skills she has already and allow her to draw better spanking art.

Arkham-insanity has a page on deviantART with mixed work, some 230 images as of November 2007, often toned versions than her art on Anime OTK which has more than 140 works of spanking art as of the same date. She also has some artwork on Handprints.

Arkham Bots[edit]

Arkham-insanity began doing fanart of the computer-animated science fiction movie Wall•E by humanizing the robots, then span of into creating orginal characters, which inspired other artists to creating characters for this spin off setting.


Arkham-insanity created a large series of infographics (or educational posters) about technical aspects of spanking. These graphics are illustrated with pictogram-like figures that look very "neutral", unoffensive and mainstream. One of her infographics features the "Arkham Scale", a scale on spanking severity.


Bathtime spanking with a bath brush. Lineart by Arkham-Insanity, colouring by Roguebfl.


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