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Example of erotic art in anime style.

Anime is cartoon animation from Japan or in Japanese style. Anime are usually broadcast on television, but may also be shown in cinemas and available for purchase on VHS and DVD.

A lot of anime are based on the characters and plots of popular manga (japanese comic) series. The drawing style of anime is similar to that of manga, but less weight is given to the lineart and color is used throughout.

In contrast to most Western animation, anime tends to make heavy use of techniques that simplify and speed up the production process in the studios, such as still shots, scrolling backgrounds, reusing frames or animating only small parts of the image. For example, when an anime character speaks, often only their mouth will be animated, while the rest of their face and body will remain unchanged and motionless.

Spanking in anime[edit]

See Spanking in anime for spanking scenes in mainstream anime, and Spanking anime for non-mainstream works.

Spanking at anime conventions[edit]

Visitors at anime conventions often take part in a ritual spanking game with a specialized Yaoi paddle to prove that they are dedicated fans. This was first introduced in 2002 at Otakon, a convention held in Baltimore, Maryland focusing on Asian popular culture (primarily anime, manga, music, and cinema). Many amateur videos of this practice can be seen on YouTube.

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