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Angels, Cherubs from the Dover Art Archives.

Angels are usually viewed as messengers of a supreme divine being, sent to do the tasks of that being. Traditions vary as to whether angels have free will. While the appearance of angels also varies, many views of angels give them a human shape. Despite a common popular belief — or at least metaphor — that angels are former human beings, most major religious groups deny such a view, and this position is held only by Latter Day Saints and the Bahá'í Faith.

In art, angels are often depicted as humans with wings, since it is commonly believed that angels can fly. In Christian art and folklore, both adult (male, female, and gender-unspecific) angels and child angels (Cherubim) are common. The latter are often depicted as putti — winged children, often naked or nearly naked. Adult angels are generally never naked, they are decently clad in long robes.

Angels in spanking art[edit]

Occasionally angels appear in spanking art. One example is the spanking comic series Mari by Oscar, in which Mari, a female angel, is spanked by God for various mischief. Other stories or images feature angels as spankers.

Angels costumes[edit]

Sofia Rudieva, Miss Russia 2009, with angel wings.

Modern Angel costumes usually include a white robe or dress, wings, and often a halo and a harp. Angel costumes are particularly popular with females and are also often made to look sexy, showing legs and cleavage.


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