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Niki Flynn and Amelia Jane Rutherford in anti-pirating message from Northern Spanking.

Amelia Jane Rutherford, also known as Lucy when working for Girls Boarding School, is a British spanking actress and professional bondage and spanking model. With a height of 6’1”, the willowy blonde beauty is one of the most striking and popular figures in the fetish industry.

Her real name appears to be Ariel Anderssen. She is married to Hywel Phillips, fetish photographer and owner of Restrained Elegance (website), an online bondage/spanking magazine featuring romantic and fantasy BDSM stories illustrated by photos and videos – as well as a community of fetish photographers and fans. The site also offers photography tutorials and sponsors the British Fetish Film Festival in Welshpool, Powys, Wales.

Video producer[edit]

Anderssen and Phillips co-produce highly cinematic BDSM videos within their Elegance Studios division (website). Anderssen appears in most of these videos and also occasionally writes and directs. She uses the stage name Amelia Jane Rutherford in only one of her nine videos (Amelia’s Sunday Spanking).


Dallas Spanks Hard[edit]

  • A Try Out to Cry Out (as a cheerleader)
  • The Crimson Clips 2 (compilation)
  • Girls Gone Red
  • Heads or Tails (compilation)
  • I Dream of Janie (spanking parody of the I Dream of Jeannie TV series)
  • Paddles From Hell (compilation)
  • The Spanking Hitman (photos)

Elegance Studios[edit]

  • Amelia’s Sunday Spanking (as Amelia Jane Rutherford)
  • Bastinado (as Ariel Anderssen, writer, director, star)
  • Day In The Life (as Ariel Anderssen)
  • Haunted (as Ariel Anderssen, writer, director, star)
  • Highwayman (as Ariel Anderssen)
  • Pony Girl (as Ariel Anderssen)
  • Pony 2 Girl (as Ariel Anderssen)
  • Pony Girl 3 (as Ariel Anderssen)
  • Slave Auction (as Ariel Anderssen)

Firm Hand Spanking[edit]

  • Spanking School Expose (directed by Rutherford)
  • Military Training (2013)
  • Winter of Discontent (2015)
  • various other clips

Girls Boarding School[edit]

When working for Girls Boarding School, Amelia plays the character of Lucy.

  • New Resident Lucy
  • Fair Enough
  • Never Caned Before

Sarah Gregory Spanking[edit]

  • Amelia The Bad Stripper
  • The Bad Roommate
  • Bathtime Bullies
  • Charlie's Devils (Pandora Blake)
  • The Disciplinary Consultant (M/F)
  • Kink School (Pandora Blake)
  • Naughty Schoolgirl Amelia
  • Valentine’s Day Spankings
  • Garden Thief Amelia
  • Spank Me Kate
  • The Mischievous Maid
  • Punished Party Girl
  • Room Service or Spanking (Dana Specht)
  • Slumber Party Spankings (M/F)
  • Spanked At Dawn (M/F)
  • Trust Fund Babies
  • Wasteful Tenant (M/F)


Strictly English[edit]

  • Amelia Jane Rutherford DVD Part 1
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford DVD Part 2

Triple A Spanking[edit]

  • Amelia's Swearing Owl
  • A Requested Spanking
  • Bedtme Brats (Sarah Gregory, Christy Cutie)
  • Music Teacher's Detention (Sarah Gregory)
  • Naked OTK Spanking
  • Not Safe for Work
  • Secretive Spankers
  • Spanked & Showered
  • Unwanted Friendship