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Interview with Amber Wells (see Links below).

Amber Wells (born 1982) is a U.S. spanking actress and co-runs the spanking video production and pay site Punished Brats together with David Pierson. She is often called by her nickname, Pixie.

Pixie describes herself as a "shy girl from a little cow town in Jersey". She has blue eyes and blonde curls and says she has a high pain threshold when it comes to getting spanked. She starred in her first spanking video (spanked by David) in 2005 in a production for Spanking Online. She has also worked with Dallas from Dallas Spanks Hard, Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Shadow Lane (Dangerous Blondes), English Spankers, John Ryan and Richard Windsor.

[edit] Spanking Tube video clips

Below are a few of the many free preview clips available on Spanking Tube featuring Amber Wells. Most of these films were produced by Punished Brats.

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