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Amateur Spankings is a U.S. spanking video producer owned by G&D Productions located in Dallas, Texas. The company, launched in 1999, began by specializing in spanking videos featuring only amateur actors and actresses. However, many titles feature professional performers (see list below).

Style and content[edit]

Their videos include M/F and F/F pairings. Many titles avoid showing the spanker on camera so that the viewer takes on the point of view of the disciplinarian.

They sell full-length features in DVD format as well as short downloadable video clips from their website.

Introduction to their web site:

Real girls (not professionals) getting real spankings! If you are looking for belt whippings, paddlings, hairbrush spankings, or old-fashioned over-the-knee spanked bottoms, you've come to the right place! None of these girls are professional actresses. They all have real jobs. They could be secretaries, students, sales reps, or even mothers, getting spanked for being very bad girls. Amateur Spankings offers sample spanking clips and images, downloadable spanking shorts, full-length spanking DVDs, and much more!

Professional actresses[edit]

Despite claims of using only amateurs, the site admits employing three well-known professional spanking actresses. These are Amelia Jane Rutherford (Amelia Rutherford Interview, Amelia Tests Paddles), Erica Scott (Erica Scott Interview), and Clare Fonda (Clare Fonda Interview).

Other videos with professionals listed as amateurs include the following:

Danielle Hunt titles:

  • Dani Interview
  • Messy Dani
  • Dani and Kaye

Alex Reynolds titles:

  • Alex Interview
  • Val Spanks Alex and Holly
  • Skylar and Alex In The Park
  • Val Spanks 3 More Girls
  • Skylar and Alex
  • Paddled at School 11

Christie Cutie titles:

  • Christy Interview
  • Christy and Alex (Christie Cutie and Alex Reynolds)

Real-life mother/daughter videos[edit]

  • Family Discipline - Whitney and her real-life mother Cindy belt-spanked, Lucy paddles daughter Brooke and is paddled herself.
  • Going Through Mom's Purse - Arianna spanks her daughter Shayla.
  • Mom Gives Birthday Spanking - Lucy spanks actual daughter Brooke.
  • Mother and Daughter Get The Belt - Brooke and her real-life mom Lucy are punished.
  • Mother & Daughter - Jennifer spanks her real mother Val after getting punished by her boyfriend, photos
  • Mother & Daughter 2 - Kathy and her 18-year-old daughter Amanda both get spanked separately and together by hand and belt.
  • Mother & Daughter 3 - Brooke spanked by real-life mother Lucy; both are later spanked separately.
  • Mother & Daughter 4 - real-life mother & daughter Tammy and Sammy spanked separately and spank each other, photos.
  • Mother & Daughter 5 - Arianna spanks daughter Shayla, photos.
  • Real Life Mom and Daughter - Val spanks daughter Jennifer.
  • Shayla and Her Mother Arianna - both spanked separately.
  • Shayla's Cell Phone - Arianna spanks daughter Shayla.
  • Two Spanking Families - real mother-daughter and step-daughter punishment, photos.

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