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Amateur performer "Audrey" in her only video (Final Exam by User:Jameslovebirch).

An amateur (from French amateur, "lover of") is generally considered a person attached to a particular pursuit, study, or science, without pay and often without formal training.

Amateurism can be seen in both a negative and positive light. Since amateurs often do not have formal training, some amateur work may be sub-par. For example, amateur athletes in sports such as basketball, baseball or football are regarded as having a lower level of ability than professional athletes.

On the other hand, an amateur may be in a position to approach a subject with an open mind (as a result of the lack of formal training) and in a financially disinterested manner.

Amateurs in spanking art[edit]

In spanking art, the term amateur is most often encountered in actors/actresses. An amateur in spanking videos is a person without any training or experience in acting — as opposed to a professional spanking actor/actress.

The vast majority of spanking artists and spanking authors are amateurs.

The Amateurs (2005) is a mainstream comedy film about the making of an amateur pornographic video that also includes a spanking segment.

Amateurs in professional videos[edit]

Amateur party video showing the consensual paddling of guests.

In the late 1980s, Nu-West (later, Nu-West/Leda Productions) was among the first companies to release all-amateur spanking videos. These were compilations of home movies sent to them by anonymous couples.

Nu-West was also a leader in making reality videos featuring young women who had contacted them with a request to be flogged or spanked on camera for the first time. These usually include an introductory interview where they explain why they wanted to make the video. For some, this was a one-time-only experience, while others would go on to become semi-regular or professional performers.

The company is also a distributor of Discipline in Russia, a video series filmed in Russia by Nettles Corp. and its Roughman Club division. These titles show inexperienced women auditioning for their first video. After a brief interview they disrobe and are bound to a bench and severely beaten with a switch rod, cane, or whip.

Over in the United Kingdom, Real Life Spankings is a company that specializes in a similar brand of realistic domestic punishment films. They boast that all their spankees are girl-next-door amateurs who do not work for any other video producer.

Reality videos[edit]

Still from "Punished Schoolgirl", an amateur CP video by User:Jameslovebirch. (video clip.)

The popularity of these titles created a new subgenre of reality videos with non-actresses. The main appeal is their stark realism. The punishments, the marks made by the implements, and the vocal and facial reactions are all genuine. Nothing is faked for the camera. A growing number of CP aficionados wanted to see the real thing rather than a professional actress who is only pretending.

Plus, there is the added allure of seeing an accessible girl-next-door type being punished as opposed to a glamorous, unreachable, actress/model. (At the same time, non-actress "first time" sex videos became a main component of the pornographic film industry.)

By the 1990s most spanking video makers added a line of non-actress "first time on camera" videos to their inventory. The simple documentary-style approach was certainly much cheaper and easier to produce than a fictional story with dialog, costumes, sets, and props. For example, the interview portion of Melissa's Paddling, a "first-timer" video by Kurt Stevens Productions, revealed the model would make a mere $200 for a series of on-camera spankings (Xhampster video, SpankBang video).

Raven Hill Studios has shown much creativity in taking this concept out of the studio. In the Beach Girl Spankings series they interview and pick up girls at random. Road trips with an RV camper resulted in the Spankin' Down The Highway series. And actual legal disputes are settled in the popular Resolved by Corporal Punishment series.

Another company, The Real Spanking Court, is based on reality TV shows such as The People's Court, and Judge Judy. Their videos are entirely devoted to resolving real-life problems with the aid of a fully-appointed courtroom, judge, jail cell, and punishment chamber.

Mood Pictures has started a Mood Castings series that shows first-time amateurs being interviewed and submitting to a fierce caning as part of the audition process (Mood is well-known for its extremely severe caning videos). Another Hungarian company, Spanking Casting is also using this format.

Over at Pacific Force, Jacqueline Omerta interviews couples who demonstrate their spanking lifestyle techniques in their Real Couples, Real Spankings series. Omerta also does interview and punishment sessions in the True Life Spanking Girls series and the occasional one-time video with individuals who contact the company.

The Internet[edit]

YouTube video of a flogging demonstration at the 2007 Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.

In this era of the Worldwide Web, amateurs can now make digital-media home movies – for sale or simply for their own amusement – that can be posted on personal websites or public archives of adult material such as Spanking Tube and xHampster.

The strictly regulated YouTube also allows some amateur videos with spanking provided they are mild, light-hearted, and contain no nudity or overt sexuality.

There are also hosting sites such as where amateurs can set up a virtual store for selling short videos and posting preview clips. One example is Sarah's Spankings created by a spanking lifestyle couple.

Other Internet-based companies that sell downloadable videos specializing in amateur models include Amateur Spankings and Home Made Spanking Videos.


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Amateur video of a risque stage performance.
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