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Alpha Blue Archives is a video distribution company based in Emeryville California that specializes in the preservation of vintage BDSM and pornographic films, primarily from the '70s and '80s.

The company provides an invaluable resource for locating hundreds of hard-to-find underground films (and obscure film loops) that have been otherwise lost or forgotten.

Features and box sets[edit]

Besides their vast pornography catalog, they offer dozens of films that document the transition from '60s softcore sexploitation to hard-edged '70s features that combined graphic sex and sadomasochism. Some notable examples are listed below:

  • Anyone But My Husband (1975) directed by Roberta Findlay, is a classic example of Manhattan hardcore with harsh whipping and rough sex.
  • Dominatrix Without Mercy (1976) features well-known porn stars Vanessa Del Rio and Jamie Gillis.
  • Femmes de Sade (1976), directed by Alex DeRenzy, concerns a sexual sadist and the eventual revenge of his victims.
  • The Night of Submission (1976) with Annie Sprinkle and Vanessa Del Rio, features rough sex and S&M in a voodoo cult.

Alpha Blue also offers a variety of Box Set editions. Each set includes 6-8 full-length features in a particular genre. Some of the categories include: Satanic Sickies, Avon Dynasty, Brutal Underground, and The Roughies.

Compilation DVDs[edit]

Below are titles of some of the compilation discs of mostly seventies-era material. These contain a mixture of short films and silent film loops (bondage, spanking, S&M, etc.), plus highlight scenes from full-length features.

  • Whipped to Orgasm
  • Dungeons of Degradation
  • Nazi Sexperiments (Nazi exploitation)
  • Tit Torture Enforcers (breast torment)
  • Hogtied Sluts (vintage bondage films)
  • Ravaged Behind Bars (Women in Prison films)
  • Beneath Her Boot (Femdom)
  • Biker's Orgy of Pain (motorcycle gang roughies)
  • Suspended Sluts ('70s bondage shorts)
  • Kinky Big Tit Sluts (Femdom sex and sadism)
  • The Abductors (bondage & rough sex fantasies)
  • Brutal Lesbians (all-female)