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Aliens in fiction: "Starship Pegasus" in Texas.

Spankings by aliens is a topic found in science fiction, both in 'kinky' and mainstream works. Usually it is a human who is being spanked by an alien, but occasionally it is also vice versa, or an alien spanking another alien.

Possible pairings are:

  • alien/human (grown up or minor; male, female or whatever might be appropriate)
  • human/alien (grown up or minor; male, female or whatever might be appropriate)
  • alien/alien (grown up or minor; male, female or whatever might be appropriate)

and include, for example:

  • A/a (Adult alien spanks alien child)
  • A/f (Adult alien spanks human girl)
  • A/m (Adult alien spanks human boy)
  • F/a (Woman spanks alien child)
  • M/a (Man spanks alien child)

Related is spanking by robotic spanking machines, spanking by non-human but earthly fantasy creatures, and spanking by human characters with superhuman powers, such as witches, sorcerers, vampires, or superheros.

In literature[edit]

On the Male-Male Spanking Archive, spanking stories featuring aliens exist by a number of authors, including Naughty Little Bobby, who specializes in fantasy spankings for his stories. Also longer science fiction spanking novels and series such as Melody's Stories by Lurking Dragon and Pint-Sized Engineer by Roguebfl feature spankings of or by aliens.

In art[edit]

Some spanking artists (e.g. Aprion, CM Zero, EvilEye, Nik Zula) have created drawings of spankings of, or by, aliens. Often such works are fan art using characters from mainstream sci-fi film, anime, or manga. Examples can be found on Anime OTK. Technically the art involving Superman in the old comics and fan art also fall into this category.

In film[edit]

Alien teacher spanking (2013)
  • Space-Thing (1968), sexploitation "nudie" film with a science fiction story about alien invaders. Produced by David F. Friedman, it features a kinky whipping scene of an alien girl by her sadistic lesbian leader.