Alice: New Adventures in Wonderland

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Panel from Alice: New Adventures in Wonderland in which Alice is spanked by her doll.

Alice: New Adventures in Wonderland was a children's comic book published by Ziff-Davis during the early 1950s.

Loosely based on Lewis Carroll's well-known fantasies Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, the series updated the basic storyline to a contemporary (1950s) setting. Like many younger children's comics of the period, Alice drew heavily on themes of magic and imagination, featuring a little girl capable of travelling to an enchanted realm almost at will. The title seems to have been influenced by Dell's better known Mary-Jane and Sniffles, sharing many of the latter's narrative and artistic conventions.

The rag-doll spanking[edit]

In "The Lost Ragdoll" (Alice: New Adventures in Wonderland no. 10, July-August 1951), Alice goes searching for her missing rag-doll and winds up in a topsy-turvey land where the doll comes to life and assumes gigantic proportions. Turning the table on her former owner, the doll subjects Alice to various indignities such as carrying her around by one leg ("Help! I'm upside down!") and giving her a good, hard spanking over her knee (see illustration posted above). When Alice protests this rough treatment, the doll replies that this is precisely the way that Alice always treated her. The story ends with Alice returning to the 'real' world, remarking to her mother that she'll treat her doll much better from now on (see also children spanking dolls).


"The Lost Ragdoll" is available for free download in CBR format: