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Age regression spanking is a specific form of therapeutic spanking that involves ageplay (see also age regression). It is used to reenact scenarios in the patient's youth, typically childhood or teenage years. It is technically similar to ageplay spanking, but is used as a form of therapy and not for fun or enjoyment.


Suppose someone has set his parent's house on fire at the age of five, and was not punished for it, leaving him to cope with guilty feelings well into adulthood. By replaying the event with age regression, and giving the person the spanking he feels he deserved, a truly cathartic experience can be achieved - ideally, washing away his guilty feelings more effectively and faster than in traditional psychotherapy.

Warning: age regression spanking should only be done by experienced people because it involves similar risks, and requires similar education, as hypnotherapy (even when no hypnosis is involved).

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