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"Aftercare" by Rude Rumps. A young couple is cuddling after she's gotten her first disciplinary spanking from him.


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #180
"Before you spank remember the three C's", a spanking infographic by Arkham-Insanity.


Externally hosted image on Handprints: The Spanking Art of Lee Warner #6
"Mom's Lap" by Lee Warner.

Aftercare is care exercised after a certain treatment — for example, medical or correctional — is over.

Aftercare in BDSM and spanking[edit]

In BDSM, aftercare is the opposite of preparation and warm-up. It is a period of time after the main part of a session in which the top cares for the bottom. The same principle is also often found in spanking. If the session involved ageplay, the aftercare may take that into account (comforting the spankee like a child).

The bottom/spankee may have specific needs such as:

  • reassuring words
  • talk
  • no talk for some time (silence)
  • a drink
  • a toilet
  • a comfortable place
  • a towel, blanket, or bed
  • holding
  • cuddling
  • kissing
  • sexual needs
  • no sex
  • no touch for some time
  • no restraints (untying or removing handcuffs and shackles)
  • special restraints (some bottoms need to be firmly tied down or cuffed to feel the aftereffects without distraction)
  • treatment of injuries, if any
  • massage of limbs aching from restraints (wrists, ankles) or sore from beating (bare feet)

Aftercare after any punishment[edit]

The concept of aftercare is not limited to consensual adult punishment sessions. Also a nonconsensual spanking, e.g. parent disciplining a child, can and ideally should be followed by loving aftercare.

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