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The aeiouy series (for lack of a better name) is a series of vintage French schoolgirl spanking photos. The series, whose photographer is anonymous, has been estimated to date to c. 1925-1930.

The setting of the series is an improvised classroom with a desk, a lectern, a chair and a bench as props. (On closer look, the stool and the lectern appear to be cobbled together.) On the wall hangs a blackboard on which is written "a e i o u y", "ba be bi", two calculations, and a cartoon drawing of a cat. The two characters featured are a schoolgirl, wearing a dark girl's dress that is slit (buttoned?) open at the back, and opened wide enough in all photos to display her open drawers, whose slit in turn is opened wide enough to reveal some of her bare bottom. The other character is a female teacher, who wears a more formal lighter dress, and glasses in the first takes.

The schoolgirl is obviously cheeky and is spanked with the open hand and a ruler.



The following photos, with "Notre Maîtresse" written and a cartoon of the teacher drawn on the blackboard, use the same props (lectern, bench) as the aeiouy series, indicating they were shot in the same studio, possibly by the same photographer.

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