Adrift in Manhattan

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Adrift in Manhattan (2007) is an independent film directed by Alfredo de Villa. It stars Heather Graham, Dominic Chianese, Elizabeth Pena, Victor Rasuk, and William Baldwin.


An understated drama about a doctor (Graham), a photographer (Rasuk) who is obsessed with her, and her patient (Chianese), a painter who is going blind.

The spanking scene[edit]

Graham seduces the young photographer who has been following her. They start to make love and she turns around so they can do it "doggie" style. Then she asks him to hit her. After a light hand-spank, she repeatedly begs him to hit harder while telling her she's a bad mother. He gives her a dozen brisk smacks with his right hand until she starts sobbing.

But her motivation is not masochistic pleasure. She is consumed by guilt over the death of her son.

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