Adrian Hammersmith

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Adrian Hammersmith is a U.S. author of spanking stories, mostly M/f. He was a regular poster to the newsgroup, and then to soc.sexuality.spanking. As of early 2006, no posts from him have been seen since 2001.

Many of his stories were part of a series focusing on a college-age girl "Kelley" or "Kelleyn" and her adult guardian "Adrian". In these stories Adrian is basically a father-figure to Kelley in her high-school and college years, punishing her for poor school work and other misbehavior. But they do become lovers on at least one occasion.

These stories were, according to the author, fictionalized versions of the actual relationship between Adrian Hammersmith and Kelley Sandford, who co-authored some of these stories, and wrote others on her own. On 22 February 1995, Adrian posted the following to

I love Kelley; more than that, I am in love with her. And this is the first time I have been in love as opposed to loving someone else.... Kelley and I met in real life less than a week after she first wrote me, based on my roster entry.... As fortune would have it, she lived in a town where I was going the following Monday (Halloween) on a prescheduled business trip....I don't know if it was love at first sight, but we were holding hands within 10 seconds of meeting each other, and taking a long walk, and then, appropriately for Halloween, sat down on a park bench in front of a cemetery and talked and talked. I am 40 and married, Kelley is single and 21. [Mid life crisis, anyone?] She is a senior in college. We know the obstacles before us all too well. We have our hopes about the future but have to keep a close lid on getting those hopes up too high.... Kelley and I met again last December, for a day, and I scolded her and sent her to the corner, and pulled her over my knee, took down her jeans and spanked her. I sent her to the corner again and continued to scold her, and to emphasize whatever guardian's point I was making to my very sorry and contrite ward at that moment..."

However, this relationship apparently did not last, although both Adrian and Kelley remained active in the spanking newsgroup scene, and Kelley was a regular attendee at SCONY parties.

Adrian Hammersmith's further stories also featured adult male spankers and teenaged or young adult female spankees.