A Quiet Day in Dodge

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Full episode. The mentioned scene starts at 34:30 minutes.

A Quiet Day in Dodge is an episode of the U.S. television western series Gunsmoke (1955-1975). It was originally aired in 1973.


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It's the 1870s. Matt Dillon (James Arness), the U.S. Marshal of Dodge City, Kansas, is deadly tired after riding non-stop for 36 hours. Yet after returning to Dodge City he can't find rest all day; various things require his attention. Andy (Willie Aames), a boy he locks up in the prison cell makes a loud noise that keeps him from his much-needed sleep. He unlocks the cell ("Son, I've been patient with you up to now. In fact, I've been more than patient with you. But now you and I are going to come to a little understanding"), after which the sound of a spanking and the bawling of the boy is heard.

Soon after, the boy's parents come looking for him and take him with them. They are settlers with a wagon full of very misbehaved and noisy children. When Mr. Ballou (John Fiedler), the boy's father, notes to his great surprise that Andy calls Mr. Dillon "Sir", Dillon recommends to him the method of "taking a firm hand to a firm behind". Mr. Ballou replies he and his wife only "yell at them all the time", with no effect, but "never raised a hand" on any of their childen, to which Mr. Dillon gently replies "It shows, Mr. Ballou. It shows."

The scene ends with Mr. Ballou letting all children line up in front of their wagon. He is going to try Dillon's method and give them all a well-deserved spanking. The beginning of the first spanking (M/m OTK) is shown (and heard).

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