77 Sunset Strip

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77 Sunset Strip is an American television detective series created by Roy Huggins that was first aired 1958-1964.

Episode Publicity Brat[edit]

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In the episode Publicity Brat (first aired in April 1960), Stu Bailey's (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.) efforts to find a woman's missing necklace are hampered by the well-meaning efforts of her scatterbrained mother and her bratty daughter.

This episode features a memorable spanking scene in which Paula Conway (Pamela Britton) spanks her daughter Angel (Evelyn Rudie) (F/f). Britton was 37 years old and the child star was 10 years of age.

Other episode[edit]

Allegedly there is another spanking scene in 77 Sunset Strip, but the exact episode is not known. This one is an adult M/F one-smacker.

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