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5ive Girls is a 2006 horror film starring Ron Perlman, Jennifer Miller and Jordan Madley. It was written and directed by Warren P. Sonoda and has been available on DVD since March 6, 2007.


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The story takes place at St. Marks Catholic boarding school for girls.

One day, a young student, Elizabeth, is studying in a classroom on the third floor, when without warning, she is attacked by unseen evil forces. One of St. Mark's priests, Father Drake, attempts to save Elizabeth from the apparently demonic aggressor, but he quickly proves to be powerless against it and the girl vanishes without a trace. The school is immediately shut down and all of the students are removed from campus by worried families. Five years later, the school reopens. A harsh headmistress, Miss Pearce (Amy Lalonde), rules the girls with an iron hand; Father Drake remains at the school as a teacher, but because of the disappearance of Elizabeth he became a drunk, and was found by Miss Pearce at a bar. Five troubled and unwanted girls are left by their families at the school: Alex (Jennifer Miller), Mara (Jordan Madley), Cecilia - who is blind (Terra Vnesa), Leah (Barbara Mamabolo), and Connie (Tasha May Currie). The girls are strictly forbidden to go to the third floor (the site of Elizabeth's disappearance). Alex begins to have visions of Elizabeth being possessed by a demon and other strange things begin to happen, revealing that all five of the girls possess supernatural gifts. Eventually, the girls must use their new gifts to battle the demon Legion.

The spanking scene[edit]

Miss Pearce (Amy Lalonde), a yardstick in her hand, questions the girls in her class about who of them was upstairs in the strictly forbidden third floor. One of the girls admits to it and is punished for it. She has to stand with her hands on a desk. Lecturing "Miss Garrison. Disrespect the rules... and you shall pay by the rod.", Miss Pearce raises her skirts and begins to spank her forcefully with the yardstick on the seat of her panties. When the girl and her classmates start to pray the "Hail Mary", she becomes furious, gives a few more spanks, and then aborts the punishment.

A video clip of this scene is available at YouTube.

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