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24/7 is short for "twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week" or, in other words, "all the time". In commerce and industry, "24/7" identifies a round-the-clock service, potentially including holidays and other days when a buisness might normally be closed or a service be unavailable.

In BDSM[edit]

In BDSM, a person who is submissive 24/7 is in the submissive role at all times, as opposed to a person who merely adopts that role for specified and limited scenes or sessions.

The term is also used to identify or describe a relationship that is in effect full-time, without any "breaks" or "timeouts". It would usually, but not invariably, imply a live-together arrangement. What saying that a relationship is "24/7" most clearly means, is that the parties involved do not differentiate between time spent with each other and time spent away from each other, as far as their D/s relationship is concerned — that they consider themselves activly involved in the relationship at all times.

For example, even though two people might not live together, they may consider that the committment between them is always in effect, including any rules and understandings they have agreed upon, or any contracts they have entered into. A 24/7 relationship is often considered to have an emotional force not unlike a vanilla marriage agreement.

The abbreviation 24/7/365 is sometimes also used. This has the same meaning, the 365 implying all the days in the year.

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