Éducation anglaise

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Title page of the 1908 edition.
Title page of the English translation Stays and Gloves (1909).

Éducation anglaise is a French spanking novel by Lord Kidrodstock and features forced cross-dressing, tightlacing, high-heeled boots, deportment training and flagellation at an English boarding school. The title translates to "(An) English Education".

Éducation anglaise was first published in 1908 by Édition Parisienne, with 10 illustrations by M. del Giglio. The novel was republished c. 1924 (or 1931?) by Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies; this edition features 33 illustrations by Gaston Smit (Georges Topfer).


The novel was also translated into English under different titles:

  • as Stays and Gloves published by Édition Parisienne (1909)
  • as The Deportment and Discipline of a Young Man published by Venus Library (1972). This text is quite different from the original: they changed the age of the main character from a 10-year-old boy into an 18-year-old man, the whole novel is much more explicit, and the text itself has been considerably enlarged.
  • another English translation made by Carole Jean is available as a download for sale from her website The Art of Petticoat Punishment.

Sexploitation film (1983)[edit]

There is also a 1983 French sexploitation film titled Éducation anglaise, directed by Jean-Claude Roy. It is a spanking film, but otherwise unrelated to the novel. The film is about a strict French all-girl boarding school, based on a parody of "English" education principles, in which the ridiculously over-age "schoolgirls" are humiliated, punished and sexually abused by their sadistic teachers and a transvestitic assistant principal. The film is also known as Verbotene Zärtlichkeiten in German and Educazione inglese in Italian.

A compilation video showing the major corporal punishment scenes from the film is at the DailyMotion website.

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